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Went up to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont today! Look at how pretty!

It bothers me how good of an ending Pirates of the Carribean 1 had because they just had to go make sequels. It ends so well! Just end it! Drink up me heartles, yo ho! That's it! We didnt need any more movies!

It is literally giving me a massive headache just trying to figure out wtf is happening with the DC Cinematic Universe right now.
And I dont even watch these movies. Literally the last DC movie I saw was Man of Steel, and I regretted it. But boy, what an absolute mess lmao

Good news is i got the job.
Bad news is capitalism still exists.

I used to not really like Halloween but then something changed when I turned like 21 and now I am into that weird shit

Gamers rise up but it's left-wing gamers rising up against the reactionaries that give us a bad name

Can we remake National Treasure except instead of being patriotic nonsense it is just Nicholas Cage bulldozing Confederate monuments?

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When the unions inspiration through the worker's blood shall run

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: dont be mean to me. if you wanna be mean to me, please reconsider.

If you don't sing the "You are a Pirate" song from LazyTown when you do a piracy, it isnt even praxis anymore.
I don't make the rules

"Hey let's go find Paul..."
"Hello! I wrote the Epistle to the Romans. People read my mail and think that God wrote it. I know, I know, very impressive.."
"... uh? No, we are looking for the Paul that wrote Yesterday. Have fun with your... mail..."

I wonder what it will be like for Paul the Apostle after Paul McCartney dies and he becomes only the 2nd most famous "Paul" in heaven.

I am legit curious if it is even possible to exist without a cell phone in the modern world because I kind of want to do it but also how would I have a contact information

The best Drake song is still "Hold On, We're Going Home" and I don't think it is close.
Don't @ me

The multi-account tab thing that Firefox allows you to do is so brilliant tbh

I love abandoned shopping malls so much. Almost too much. Everything about them is all at once spooky, but also signalling the end of capitalism. So much community space potential.

Okay this is going to sound wild, but when I was a kid, I swear there was this weird and bad Christian TV show with a monkey puppet and they would sing songs. One of those songs gets stuck in my head all the time and it goes like this "Under construction! We're laying it down. A new foundation! On solid ground..." etc. Does anybody have any idea what this show is? I can't for the life of me find it.

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