Actually pretty proud of this one. Finally started and finished something, rather than leaving it as a sketch.

Also, probably the best thing I’ve drawn/painted from imagination (as opposed to a photo study).

Digital portrait study of wrestling enthusiast, e-sports evangelist, and the biggest brain on Twitch, Adam Savidan (

Digital portrait study of the wonderful comedian, writer, and pirate DJ, Kathleen De Vere (,

Another portrait study. This time using some photos for reference, but not recreating any of them.

Digital portrait study of streamer, podcaster, chat moderator, and generally great guy, @dix (,

My Desert Bus craft-along submission this year. Handcarved and stitched leather notebook covers, featuring the Gen 1 starter Pokemon evolutions.

More photos in this album:

I'm no good at characters, so my fan art is all environmental stuff. Hopefully I can sort of capture the mood Griffin was going for.

Another illustration.

These are sort of for a thing, but it's a thing that will probably never leave my head, so using them as practice.

Illustrated another scene. Still plenty to improve on, but I like this one a lot.


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