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The things I and my friends occasionally post on Facebook are buried by all the newsy stuff and likes. Stuff that surfaces is just superficial (selfies, landscapes, food).

I think this is only partly due to FB's timeline ranking. Posts there potentially go to everyone you've ever met, so you're not likely to show yourself as vulnerable/too weird. Maintaining groups for close friends and family feels weird too and like a lot of work.

I guess it's back to email.

Maybe it is okay that there is no one social network anymore. I (can) use WhatsApp and iMessage to stay in touch with friends. Mastodon et al for microblogging design stuff many of my friends don't find interesting anyway. But where do I send my private life updates?

Facebook: brands and people manipulator for hire
Twitter: Influencers, brands, cynicism and anger
Instagram: selfies, food and brands
Snapchat: ...
Mastodon: strangers discussing strange things

None of these offer what social networks promised: staying in touch with friends.

This stackexchange answer offers some security reasons, but even the author isn't convinced of its use:

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What is the benefit of splitting login screens into two steps for email and password separately?

Drawbacks I see:
1) I often confuse the first screen for email with a signup form.
2) It's one more click to complete the login
3) It confuses password managers

Mastering meditation takes years, so this 4 week experiment really isn't very meaningful.

This tiny (n=83) study suggests that meditation can have a small benefit over other relaxation techniques:

"mindfulness meditation may be specific in its ability to reduce distractive and ruminative thoughts and behaviors, and this ability may provide a unique mechanism by which mindfulness meditation reduces distress."

Despite all the studies that show that meditation helps to be more mindful and less stressed, I can't help thinking that perhaps the most important part of regular meditation is having time to actively relax, alone and without distraction.

On the other hand, it doesn't really matter. Much of meditation is conscious relaxation.

Google now knows when its users go to the store and buy stuff

Google already analyzes usersโ€™ Web browsing, search history and geographic locations, using data from popular Google-owned apps like YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and the Google Play store โ€ฆ

The new credit-card data enables the tech giant to connect these digital trails to real-world purchase records in a far more extensive way than was possible before.

When galaxies collide, collisions between stars are quite rare as the distance between stars is so large.

Actually Adam Silver is saying that. Coyer was just linking to it. But he agrees.

I should mention though that installing Ubuntu was fast and without problems. The most difficult part was shrinking my Windows partition. And of course I have unsolved video driver issues. Otherwise: wow!

My Linux security paradox:

Linux tutorials: do not enter a sudo command you do not understand.
Answer to any Linux question: enter this sudo command you do not understand.

The only display calibration tool I found for Linux that does not require a colorimeter device is like a decade old and has no installer. This means almost nobody using Ubuntu has a calibrated display.

Starting to feel like people who make Linux software hate design and designers and want a space for themselves.

Can't believe I didn't think of two of my favorite softwares ever:

Ultrastar: open source Singstar, much better because you can make and add songs for free
StepMania: open source Dance Dance Revolution, also better for the same reason

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