Just before 2017 ended, I wrote about my biggest mistakes in side projects. I hope it will help you succeed in whatever great thing you want to do in 2018!

Why Side Projects Fail - kooslooijesteijn.net/why-side-

โ€œThree long-term birth cohort studies in the U.S. suggest that pesticides are harming childrenโ€™s brains. In these studies, researchers found that womenโ€™s exposure to pesticides during pregnancy, measured through urine samples, was associated with negative impacts on their childrenโ€™s IQ and neurobehavioral development, as well as with ADHDโ€ฆโ€ hsph.harvard.edu/news/features

If you are a designer, want to live in Munich and are looking for a job: this is one of the awesomest vacant positions I know:


I can get you in touch with the right people.

This website is the best: mdmetric.com/

You can change the obnoxious yellow background with the buttons at the bottom.

And then the center column stays obnoxiously yellow. But the margins change!

Interesting episode of the High Resolution podcast, if you are interested in the head of Pinterest's view on design:

High Resolution: #22: Pinterest Head of Design, August De Los Reyes, on ending disability through better design

"Years ago there was this almost unreal expectation of a person who is [...] the head of design is at the same time someone who is a strong creative visionary who is also an excellent people manager who is also good at operations"

"Design is answering questions through actions rather than through words"
-August de los Reyes, head of Design & Research at Pinterest

Which is your favorite of the songs you discovered this year?

Mine maybe this one by Brother Ali: soundcloud.com/rhymesayers/bro

Crazy how early the 1830s are technologically more like Middle Ages than like today, although the way western society is set up today is pretty much like what the French came up with at that time.

I discovered another history podcast : Revolutions! Some of the recent newjoiners here may like it just because of the title ๐Ÿ˜‹

I'm listening to the series about the French July Revolution, starting with E 6.01. I listened Listen to E 3.54 first to freshen up what I new about the fall of Napoleon, that preceded it and reintroduced the monarchy.


Googling "flickr change order of photos in album" since 2004.

Who is tooting interesting stuff?

What should I follow?

This is what we get when we let a monopolistic advertisement company take over the one tool everyone use to access the web:

"So this is a way for Google to crush its few remaining competitors by pre-installing an ad zapper that it controls to the most common web browser. Thatโ€™s a great way for a monopoly to remain a monopoly."

And even more shit. Read this:


'The minimum wage machine'
by Blake Fall-Conroy

'The minimum wage machine allows anybody to work for minimum wage. Turning the crank will yield one penny every 4.00 seconds, for $9.00 an hour, or NY state minimum wage (2016). If the participant stops turning the crank, they stop receiving money..'


octodon.social/media/5uTgxuQ5o octodon.social/media/D9VoSLN-S

This toot by @Gogogadgetpants reminded me that BookCrossing exists.

The BookCrossing site wonโ€™t load for me, but I wonder if it provides a way for people to get in touch and talk about the notes theyโ€™ve left. Hmmm.



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