Listening to the cute boy next to you snore very gently is fucking adorable. But I just got back up to fiddle with my track

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Feeling too twitchy to sleep :(

Too much donk & bass playing in my head

@kawaiipunk Oh damn!


I mean okay I think I have enough drum samples already but I can't help be a data hoarder 😩

weird kink 

I wonder if there's people who's kink it is to be sneezed on.
Kinda too scared to look it up thuogh 😂

@kawaiipunk join a Funkwhale if you can! Follow your friends and see what they listen to.

@agafnd It's even worse in German where "Waschmaschine" and "Spühlmaschine" just use TWO DIFFERENT WORDS FOR "WASHING" AAAAAAAAH

my hot take is that either they should be called "dish washer" and "clothes washer" or they should both be called "washing machine"

Should I put on pants for the next 2 hours of meetings?

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