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I really hate the police. Less of a lewd post, more of a motto

As its now the 1st December...

P.S. you don't HAVE to call me mom unless you want to πŸ˜‚

plants be like 'just throw the seeds around and you can eat a thing i made' and then humans decided the new goal was Massive Profit

reading an article from the economist and

> Tools that Silicon Valley has produced, such as email, video conferencing and messaging, make it possible to work remotely, which will help more companies expand in less expensive states.

damn, didn't know that ARPANET (email), Luxembourg (Skype), and Israel (ICQ) were part of Silicon Valley now

Hey so, Salesforce just bought Slack. Salesforce has a history of monetizing things they buy in really aggressive manners so I'm expecting some Changes there soon.

If you use Discord, I'll also note that when a thing's main competition has a problem is when companies choose to make Big Moves so don't be shocked if Discord makes major changes or either gets bought themselves very soon.

I've been banging the drum of "Have backups for your communities" for years now, but it's more serious now.

anti-mask bullshit, deliberate misinterpretation for the sake of a lewd joke 

damn sounds hot πŸ’¦

You can check if your local health authority has a pubkey by asking the api endpoint for it. Have fun:

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This synth youtuber keeps saying "let me put this into drone mode" and it keeps giving me small jolts of "yes please" energy πŸ˜‚

Lewd nerdpost 

Find yourself someone that uses you like chrome uses every last byte of RAM

to save energy, turn off your lights when you close your eyes

Help needed, domestic violence 

I live in a house with other people, probably illegal to have these many people in 1 house, in the basement a couple lives with a doggy, I suspect the dominant partner beats the other partner, I didn’t wanna involve any authorities as it’ll Jeopardize living situation of all the people that live in the house & I don’t know what to do

dronekink but otherwise sfw 

posts homosexually

endorsing drugs very unironically 

Random realisation: I've become so much better at coming up with plots and visualising the flow of a story since doing LSD πŸ˜…

Do drugs kids. It good

kink, politics 

imagine what future ppl will kink about after we get rid of all this nonsense πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

"i... πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ i think it would be so hot if somebody else _owns_ the place I live, like, as their personal property" "Damn girl! What a filthy degraded wageslave you are"

Trying to read the blackbox manual and every time I read about some feature I don't know yet, I end up getting side-tracked using it, making a song πŸ˜‚

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