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I really hate the police. Less of a lewd post, more of a motto

if i were a computer programmer i would instead simply avoid computers

You don't need to speak English like a native

It's okay to have "weird" pacing when speaking. It's also okay to make sentences with correct meaning but uncommon phrasing

Don't allow yourself to pause because you're struggling to find the most native-sounding way to phrase what you mean

Just express what you mean in the most comfortable way to you

There's no "broken" English. English isn't owned by Americans or the British. For better or worse, it's become an international language.

I only had a few hours before the moon rose and the haze took our stars away.


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@rachel if you think that cis women can wear anything they want as a form of empowerment but trans women and trans fem people cannot, uhm maybe ur feminism isn’t as progressive as u think it is

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you don't owe anyone ideological consistency but you are also not owed agreement for your mental gymnastics

please don't email my wife. she doesn't have a computer you are wasting your time

support for octodon 

Hi folks,

Our super admin alice has been doing a wonderful job in keeping our beloved octodon running without a hitch for many years, and she could do with some financial support: (btc/monero)

boost pls!

🍎 Jailbreak your iphone and hack the OS

πŸ€– Root and flash your android phones with custom OSes you can play with

πŸ–₯ Flash your computer's bios to show ascii art on POST

πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ Cover everything you own in stickers and patches

⚧ Hack your endocrine system. Steal genders or cobble your own together with spare parts

Own your stuff inside and out. Customize it to make a statement, reflect your identity, or just because you can. It belongs to you and no one else. Leave your mark on it. ✊


Smoking weed on the sofa when it's raining ✨

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