Added a new shot or two to my site so as always if you're looking for something that doesn't cost money and might entertain your eyes for a second, I'm here for you. Or my site is, whichever.

@afabulous @ericvonfoerster oh hey I missed this! It’s and today is a good day to sign up because there’s actually good news!!

@WT_Dore you care to write up something for the Blue about Besh? I can't bring myself to assemble the details.

Mastodon users, new and old:

You can add a caption, or alt-text, to images you toot!

These captions make your toots more accessible, by giving people who can't see the image a description of what's in the image.

Just hover over the image over you attach it and type a description in the spot that says "Describe for the visually impaired" before you hit the TOOT! button.

Please also encourage Mastodon app authors to add caption functionality. And please boost. Thanks!

I actually had someone ask me if they could get one of these teethbrushes from me. I never thought my life would come to this. Of course I gave him one - the very one pictured - but the whole time I'm thinking, "Is this ethical? Am I doing the right thing here?"

anyway I don't think it's right to out him publicly but I just wanted to warn New Orleans that this man is out there, and has a teethbrush.

A recent post by @dona about tutorials and art tips reminded me that I recent wrote up this guide to a very specific type of photography I do. Maybe you'd like to read it. Or not! But it's here either way:

I'd love your opinion on the best Mastodon client for iOS. I see tons, and almost none have enough ratings to have them displayed. It looks like an utter crapshoot.

I tell you what. Hi, all you mostly-new-to-me folks. My name is Kevin and I usually call myself a photographer but sometimes I pass the time by sculpting gross objects involving teeth. Here, for example, is a Helper Spoon I made a while back. I hate it. I have no idea what compels me to make this stuff but I can't stop, apparently.

Y'know I'd never show up on Twitter and be like "OH HEY IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I TWEETERD" but here I am doing that here. What's wrong with me? Why can't I just post a normal update?

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Literally forgot about this place for a while but with the sickness over on Twitter I figure it's time to start remembering.

@naxuu why do I know your user pic? I am not familiar with the artist who made it, so ... what gives? Did you use it over on MLKSHK or something?

Guess it's time to go search the tag to see who else is out there - even though I've never made it a point to specifically follow MeFites on any other social media.

In all my years of cooking I've found that the true secret to great food is to use ingredients.

Been meaning to go get this shot since early February. Turns out that trees grow leaves that interfere with your composition if you wait long enough.

To deliberately mis-quote Heems:

"The first toot's the worst toot."


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