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Kevin here, somewhat aged machinist, Linux enthusiast and general nuisance. Anarcho-Hedonist revolutionary but too lazy to organize. Ketogenic and lover of bacon. Can talk annoyingly about a huge range of nerdy subjects, but generally not with anything like authoritative knowledge. I have guns and enjoy shooting them sometimes. Pass the peas.

Hmm.. I see lots of "Mask/Anonymous" memes, here's some good old-fashioned Anon-prop from back in the day.

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I'm particularly sensitive to Snapchat privacy failures/abuses, since I once debated a Snap employee about the need for end-to-end encryption (this more than a year before they introduced E2E this past January[1]) and didn't make much progress convincing them!


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Behold the Futura, a 1955 concept car from Lincoln. After making the rounds at car shows, it was later converted by custom-car legend George Barris into the iconic Batmobile for the 1960s TV series.

Hey, folks.

So, I am currently unemployed (again) and in the middle of a second emergency move since the beginning of the year. I'm also broke and still dealing with my violent, stalkery soon-to-be ex husband.

If anyone can help me out with storage and transportation expenses I would be forever grateful.

1973 NASA art by Rick Guidice visualizes the idea of a Pioneer probe using Jupiter’s gravity to slingshot itself toward the outer planets and beyond.

Monument to the uprising of the people of Kordun and Banija
/ Spomenik ustanku naroda Banije i Korduna
Petrovac, Petrova Gora, Croatia
Unveiled in 1981
Artist Vojin Bakić

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