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Kevin here, somewhat aged machinist, Linux enthusiast and general nuisance. Anarcho-Hedonist revolutionary but too lazy to organize. Ketogenic and lover of bacon. Can talk annoyingly about a huge range of nerdy subjects, but generally not with anything like authoritative knowledge. I have guns and enjoy shooting them sometimes. Pass the peas.

My partner recently lost their job and it would be so much better for them if they had a remote/WFH position. Anybody know of any leads for work from home jobs? My partner has plenty of customer service experience. Plz boost if you see this. Thanks!

Good morning.

There is currently a community-funded bounty available for someone to put together a more up-to-date and functional image of ChromiumOS for the #pinebookPro -

If that's your bag and you want to pick up a few hundred bucks, check it out.

good afternoon with food not bombs today! :foodnotbombs: :anarchismred: there were more folk involved than I've seen before and we've had a wee free clothing stall for the last couple stalls now


i was reading a wikipedia article on the "retail apocalypse" today and for some reason "nobody has any fucking money" was not listed as one of the causes

Really happy about the person #onhere who said something shitty.... it was called out.. and then they apologized and moved onwards.


fucking disgusted that porn is allowed on the and tags. don't they know there's for that

Ok so before everyone think Trump's Space Command ripped off Star Trek's Starfleet logo, you should know that the USAF Space command, which has now been spun off, already ripped it off back in the 80's.

The next kind of poisoning we're going to perfect here is "fun poisoning". You're all having too much fun and it's creating a toxic environment for those of us who want to be grumpy assholes.

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Okay I'm sorry I keep posting about phrases I read but I have happened upon a Facebook page some dipshit teens made in 2009 and the "about" page includes the phrase "so we decided to go internet with it," and isn't that what we're all doing, deciding to go internet with it

Capitalism bad take 

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