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Kevin here, somewhat aged machinist, Linux enthusiast and general nuisance. Anarcho-Hedonist revolutionary but too lazy to organize. Ketogenic and lover of bacon. Can talk annoyingly about a huge range of nerdy subjects, but generally not with anything like authoritative knowledge. I have guns and enjoy shooting them sometimes. Pass the peas.

2019: Joker comes out

2020: government says we can't be in a society anymore


Sorry about the Y*tube but this is actually pretty useful in our current situation.

Host a Jitsi Meet Server - YouTube -

Fiancee says I should shave my head since I will be locked up a long time.

Should I?

More Learning About Autism:

by @neurowonderful

Someone else added this to this list -- I can't do videos for the most part. But just the titles look awesome. So if you can do videos, check it out.

#RedInstead #actuallyautistic

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I hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy.
My goal of finishing Marx's "Capital" by the end of our layoff is looking doable.
Super shout out and hugs to all of you, especially those of you still working away from home.

Dug this out today, I think I started it about two years ago XD I had only done the two half-mandalas on the bottom left; today I did the two on the bottom right. #MastoArt

-192 nations agree to a UN deal in 2016 that going forward, the airline industry emissions need to be held to the levels released in 2020

-Now in 2020 hardly any airplanes are flying

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Linux, Nerd Shit 

We're sorry, Zoom is becoming a bit of a punching bag - but, like Facebook, they choose their own business practices and we all can disagree with those questionable choices. So do SpaceX and NASA... They have banned the use of Zoom.

US Media + Sexual Assault 

The PineBook will be the first machine in my journey to x86 Freedom.


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