Having a few decommissioned Z90D7 I was thinking of using one as the basis of a low power & silent Self-Hosted server with a BTC Core Full Node.....So I did!
Upgraded to 16GB Ram and got YUNOHost installed on a 1TB SSD, Then installed and configured TOR & Bitcoin Core!
*ACPI-cpufreq is enabled. The CPU temperature is 42-44C at idle, and 56-58C at full load. The HDD's temp is 30-32C all the time.

Look what just got dropped off! hopefully PSBT coming soon! Cheers @Blockstream

Once I finally conquer multisig and lightning node channel management, I will be a true bitcoiner :anime_glasses:

This looks good for the price?....but I'm an old man and a 2.45" screen! ....Also kickstarter is dead to me after Pebble and Mycroft, pft!


I have null post! shoot, that stuffed it :-(


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