Ist there some possibility to easily cross post your toots to twitter?

Good morning mastodon / octodon 🐹. It's nice to see you growing so fast.

Mastodon's federation introduces UX challenges.

One that worries me a lot is about message forgery. Anyone can forge a twoot, even cross-server.

Whereas Twitter Inc might be trustworthy enough to not forge transcripts. Anyone can run a Mastodon server and might want to abuse it to influence people (see Russian troll campaigns).

Should Mastodon "home servers" cryptographically sign updates? Should there be end-to-end signatures? Anyone has thoughts on this?

I'm really curious how that heavy metal band experiences the current hype about its name :)

Is there a scheduled time when doors will be open again at @gargron? Also I just pledged on Patreon to support the infrastructure, albeit with only a buck a month (for now).


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