King Crimson is

« Votre projet m’a séduit, il est d’une connerie à couper le souffle. Je vais faire tout mon possible. »

Sitting in the coffee house I wanted to make some music on this little gadget I have, unplugged my headphones from the phone and... the fuckers have the Apple plug and not the old 3.5 mm phone connectors. I hate it, Apple. I really do. And I hate the engineers that agreed to this. What did they hope to achieve? What am I missing? Are the old phones connectors bad in some way? Space requirements, really? Price? I want to understand this aggravating turn of events.

So as to be capable of - for example - programatically create playlists , I need my music collection to be somewhat classified.

"Music genres" is still the best way to classify music.

But it is chaotic and there is no definitive "list" of music genres.

I ended up with several similar artists tagged with various genres that more or less means the same thing.

So I have started working on my own list.

I'm trying to avoid meaningless catch-all words like "Alternative" or "AvantGarde"

Did you know you can embed toots from Mastodon on other websites and blogs?

Just click the "..." at the bottom of a toot and select "embed" to get the HTML code.

Here's an example of it in action:

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips


Et c'est tellement décourageant des les lires aujourd'hui...

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