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Anarkingu Gidora

Before the internet, and before using "Kingu Gidora" as a username mostly everywhere, my pseudo, on BBS was "yes0d".

It was because I was having fun trolling on new-age and other esoteric bulletin board.

There is still a remnant of this; Yes0d is still my Wikipedia username.

I did not liked it much so I switch to monster name. On IMDB I am "Mothra-5"

After that it is Gidora everywhere!

Being old is fun 😛

C'est fou ça ! C'est bien la première fois que j'entends des klaxons et des gens qui gueulent pour une release mineure de Debian…

VHS Static is my favorite flavor

ethical social media is a revolutionary miracle of our own making. supporting your local administrators with monetary, emotional, and other forms of appreciation is a healthy way to subvert the capitalistic corporations that many of us are here to escape from in the first place

Est-ce qu'il y a un media player pour android qui est capable de se re-connecter automatiquement quand il y a une coupure dans le stream audio?