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screenshot of a tweet by "jen is #RedForKashmir" @ bookavid that reads:

Destroy the idea that you gotta be good at artistic things to enjoy them, that every hobby has to become something you're so good at, you can monetize it

A capitalist lie.

Sing offkey, draw poorly, write badly.
Life is meant to be enjoyed, not monetized. You're not a product.

(original tweet posted at 10:20 AM 2019-09-30)

@kingu_platypus_gidora Never let the fact that you're a terrible human being keep you from enjoying life!

@kingu_platypus_gidora Being good at things doesn't equate, nor is required to monetize them.

Monopolies make poor-quality products and offer poor-quality services, why make effort and less profit by investing in quality when you have a monopoly?

And some great artists can't even make a living with their art.

MH mention 

@kingu_platypus_gidora Same holds for sports! No need to always buy the most expensive equipment that the "pros" use. Just have fun, don't compete!

Arts/sports/etc. can also be a cure for mental health. I will literally feel sick if I haven't been on a bike or in a forest for a few days.

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