Sadocus asperatus (on the left) and Pachylus chilensis (on the right) from Chile

How do you hold them, they don't harm or anything?(I have natural fear of insects)

I know that most of the insects are harmless but I am not able to practically pick them up, always a fear that they jump on me or something. A Grasshopper bit me hard when I tried to catch when I was small.

@mur2501 @kingu_platypus_gidora Correct me if I'm wrong, but a quick research yields they are spiders, therefore not i insects. 😉

Probably, but still I am not able to touch not that I think they disgusting or creepy, mostly I observe insects and spiders from close view. Also there are many moths and catterpillars on my plants @kingu_platypus_gidora

@Aarkon @mur2501

Kinda cute for spider :-)

I took this picture from a Giger fan forum!

@kingu_platypus_gidora @mur2501 These guys admittedly look like a creatures from one of Gigers nightmares 😬

@mur2501 @kingu_platypus_gidora I'll bet the subcontinent is rich with animals I wouldn't dare even to imagine 🙈

Well I have a wildlife sanctuary near me so their are many birds and insects not normally seen in human settlements. Mostly there are tigers and leopards. @kingu_platypus_gidora

@mur2501 @kingu_platypus_gidora OK, that is a different kind of "don't want to touch" 😬
But at least you don't have to be afraid to be poisoned while they rip you apart!

@Aarkon @kingu_platypus_gidora
You can try to touch a tiger, but finding them is hard they live deep in forests away from humans.

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