@kingu_platypus_gidora I was always interested to read an inside view of how this all works... "art" on college campuses etc


Me too.

Would not be surprised if it's among the lines of what I posted above but I don't really know.

@kingu_platypus_gidora @will this is not how the art market works. There's corruption and investment vehicles and all that, but this is an anti aesthetic tale that holds that non representative art is inherently inauthentic, worthless and a sign of social decay.

@kingu_platypus_gidora OH. oh. That makes more sense than I would like to admit.

@kingu_platypus_gidora calling bullshit "art" is like calling paper food. sure you can eat it without side effects, don't mean it's food, because food needs nutrition to be food. just like art needs substance to be art.

i hate that we have people earnestly fighting the "modern art" scam as some kind of "misunderstood" nonsense when it's really just appearance to be edgy and nothing else. it has nothing to do with the art. it's all about them, and their desire to be in the center of attention.

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