@kingu_platypus_gidora Dammit. I suppose they'll setup a commission to discuss the question. Maybe even set quotas? 78% or torso, 22% of legs? 🤔

@Deuchnord It already landed in 4chan and became a meme. I hope that it's a joke, but that wouldn't be the first time 🤦

Has anyone anounced what they will be doing with the pieces? Wouldn't it be better just to house the homeless instead of doubling their numbers?

@Robbdoeyes @kingu_platypus_gidora

This is an announcement from Genetic Control:
"It is my sad duty to inform you of a four foot restriction on humanoid height."

[Extract from coversation of Joe Ordinary in Local Puborama]

"I hear the directors of Genetic Control have been buying all the
properties that have recently been sold, taking risks oh so bold.
It's said now that people will be shorter in height,
they can fit twice as many in the same building site.

-- "Get 'Em Out By Friday", "Foxtrot" (1972), Genesis

@kingu_platypus_gidora The british empire literally did exactly that as a form of punishment in colonized areas

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