Sorry for coming across as mean, but
I fucking hate this.

1) Everyone likes cats (most people, anyway). When they get in the way it's either cute or funny, not a burden.

2) Bright Side. *no-one* likes Bright Side. I'm sick of seeing TheSoul publishing thumbnails on YouTube, why do you have to share this on the Fediverse, too?

Idk if this is a satire account or something. I'm sorry, I try my best to not let things like this get to me, it's just very, very cringy is all.

@MutoShack @kingu_platypus_gidora
It's fine, I don't like cats either.
Tbh. I thought the video was trying to say that having a cat sucks. While watching this I was laughing at those fools who get a cat and then get pwned by the cat.


Not sure I understand your point no.2 but I'm fine with it either way.

I do post crap here sometime. I know it. I am not offended by people hiding/blocking me so not to see said crap.

I will not change what I am posting to please "offended" or "sick of seeing" people.

But thanks for telling me anyway 🙂


No worries at all! *I'm* the one that needs to change. It was actually my new year's resolution to be less negative about things. This shouldn't get to me at all.
The video itself is kind of cute, I guess I just disliked it by default due to the immoral and unethical practices of the company who produced it.

Sorry again for the harsh language. It was nothing that needed to be taken out on you. Anyway, no blocking/muting will be happening on my end. You're cool.👌

@MutoShack yeah, I`ve just checked some of their stuff... Nothing great :-)

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