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Anarkingu Gidora

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Some American (who probably don't speak any spanish) want the spanish work for "Black" to be changed as it is racist.

Les automobilistes Montréalais ne comprennent pas la différence entre un quota et une amende.

C'est amusant.

Je propose un test d'ìntelligence pour obtenir le permis de conduire. Ca reglerait les problemes de congestions...

I like looking like a wizard for just pressing ctrl-D in a Nautilus window.

Funny Music Fact

The initial keyboard player for the progressive band Gentle Giant was Elton John.

A sure way to lose your sanity is the watch this whole invterview.

(I stop after about 30 min... could not take more of this...)

One hour after lunch, I am hungry again... 😞

I have fixed my "Classical" music issue.

Now I toggle, if it is classical music, I use the composer, otherwise I use the artist.

It make the list a lot more concise.
There are still classical files that are not tagged properly so mistake still happen but it is already way better.

Next step it to make some html/css that work everywhere. I might request help for this...

Nestle vegan organic food was delicious.

However I will keep boycottng them so I wont eat that delicious thing again.

Fuck Nestle.