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me: i am going to watch France final performance at the Eurovision now I am sure I won’t cry

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wish I could get ~life time supply of~ this but I can’t, so 🤷‍♀️

I mean I genuinely enjoyed the conversation but I was shattered after one hour??? I don’t know whyyy

tomorrow we are going to go to the Kryolan shop and I will try not to buy tons of stuff for drag and just buy some spirit gum to glue my future ~ lace front ~ wig

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i was not expecting this toot/tweet to get so much success, thank you for reminding that I am not the odd one in the lot

how do people go to the bar with lots of people and noise and music and not want to go to sleep after 1 hours I cannot do it what’s the trick America eggsplain

is this… is this bottle asking for something from me

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