hey folks
I am looking for a NB/trans-friendly psychologist/psychiatrist in Edinburgh
boost/RT very appreciated

@kingarmand can i ask is it for a diagnosis for medication or therapy?

@mxsiege sorry i am very vague; i was looking for trans-friendly because I needed someone that would be affirming of me but it probably won’t be the centre of therapy

@kingarmand totally understandable, i've refused the offer of therapists in the past because they didn't have an understanding of transgender issues, so theyd be useless to me.

@kingarmand ah ok well If you're looking for therapy, you could look at the counsellor directory for those that take clients for gender dysphoria issues: counselling-directory.org.uk/g and then youd at least they have the ability to understand those issues.

@mxsiege thank you so so much, really appreciated. I will look into that

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