"Ohh, how did you realize you were transgender?"
"Well, somebody held a door open for me and said 'Ladies First', and that was that."

La sudation est le phénomène qui se produit quand on goutte à la cuisine du sud

mention de manger po vegan 

le fait que les anglophones appellent le blanc de poulet “chicken breast”.... gougoute de poulet

When genders are coded in database with 0 and 1, what value would your gender take? mine would be square root of −2

Carte de la France avec indiqué par point rouge l'emplacement géographique de la commune de Mouais.

On dirait que la personne qui a fait la carte a placé ce point rouge en disant Mouais d'un air très las.

any recs for eyeliner, makeup-knowledgeable folx? i see pencils, liquids, one million brands... would love advice for something nice quality to start with... :boost_ok:

transphobia and losing friend’s trust 

Honestly queer folx, be cautious, the people that you least expect to can totally turn you. And it’s devastating emotionally. Take care of yourselves ppl, I really hope you’re all okay

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transphobia and losing friend’s trust 

I’m such a fucking idiot

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transphobia and losing friend’s trust 

Okay, his recent liked tweets are from: the LGB alliance and his founder talking about how the trans women leading stonewall was a hoax

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transphobia and losing friend’s trust 

i have a gay friend that I’ve always thought I had support from that just posted a TERF tweet into the WhatsApp group with other gay acquaintances and friends and made jokes agreeing with it, so that’s where I’m at

today I’m releasing my first video in English at 4pm UTC+1, and talking about skincare for the first time. I’m excited but also very nervous, as I was while making the video lol

Amazing article on how Taiwan's digital minister (who's a badass trans hacker) is using tech to handle their pandemic and improve their Democracy

"Another example of civic tech activism spun off from g0v is Co-Facts, a volunteer association of fact-checkers. Co-Facts is built around a chat bot for the LINE messaging app that responds instantly when users forward potential disinformation that has already been logged and checked."


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