J’ai reçu mes t-shirt UNIQLO de leur collection super Mario je vais être 101% pipou dedans

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graham prepared me a lunch pack and breakfast even though he’s off, how sweet 💓

le consulat français d’Edimbourgh ne peut malheureusement pas offrir la possibilité de renouveler mon passeport, par contre ils organisent des teufs pour la coupe du monde et y a un café qui sert petit-déjeuner, déjeuner, et dîner donc ça va

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My niece kissed me yesterday I sobbed remembering that

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Hello, you can call me Ady. I am from Casablanca, Morocco 🇲🇦 , currently living in France.

I am very talkative IRL but on social media I seem to be quiet.

I started tooting in Modern Standard Arabic at first then lately I have been tooting in Spanish because I want to be better at it. I also speak French, English and Moroccan Darija.

I like eating, I like cars and I like Turkish pop. I also write things on my blog.


Do you like Turkish pop?

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could we add “flemme de” to the english language pls

“seriously flemme de deal with this right now honestly” est à garder pour la postérité

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it's back and honestly i am just too tired today to deal with this shit, send help please

La deuxième saison de Sabrina nmmgmgmgmhmgmhmhmgmhmh

My Mac laptop wasn’t responding to anything, trying to turn it off and all that. Had to press the power button. Hope that fixes the problem

My nephew triggered a scam-subscription while playing a game on my partner’s phone (he clicked on one of these horrible ads) that charges £7.50 every week and it’s giving so much anxiety I hope I have properly cancelled it

I think my day just decided to shit on me and there’s nothing I can do about it

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