Who's a midlife skater Dad?

I've been catching the skateboarding bug recently and am thinking of getting back into it. I was never good, but there's no time like the present! And I can learn with my kids.


I'm not a dad, but maybe "dad aged"? I started skating about 5 years ago. I'm now 36.

When I was a kid I was always on inline skates. I never got the guts to do a drop-in but I could get air over the rim of a half-pipe.

Now I use a board mostly as transport and love it! I want to do tricks, but I'm too scared... I sprained my ankle when I failed trying to skate off a curb (lift the front wheels at the right moment and drop down). I couldn't walk for 3 days!


I still want to learn to ollie. Maybe could do with some knee pads, but mostly I think I need a good place to practice and maybe a regular buddy to go with 🤔

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