hey humans! if i enjoyed oneshot, and i enjoyed a short hike, and i enjoyed untitled goose game, do you have any recs for other games i might enjoy? preferably:
- with good music
- no big time constraints/need to memorise complicated key combos
- indie enough to be on itch.io

Night in the Woods and Donut County fit that description. The first is the better game IMO.

Snake Pass requires more skill/precision/etc. But there is no time limit, the over all vibe is very chill, unless you are over a chasm and you are almost slipping off a beam, then it can be a bit stressful 😅 This is one of my all time favorite games.

@fromankyra @kingannoy Night in the Woods is a bit of a longer game that might take a few afternoons to finish, but otherwise it’s the first thing that popped into my head as well. Great game, giving this my +1. Haven’t tried Donut County, I probably should.


@riggedtoexplode @fromankyra
Night in the Woods also has a game-in-a-game, with a significantly higher difficulty. I loved this game, and happily spent a few session on only this part, but it can also be totally skipped without missing anything 🙂

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