1/ In defense of #Signal. Yes, I'm a guy that just posted a roundup of distributed/mesh messengers changelog.complete.org/archive of which #Signal was obviously not part. I am really excited about the potential of those.

But to the general public, I still recommend Signal. Here's why.


Nice writeup! I totally agree!

This is not the first of the calls for us "techies" to push our families and friends over to Signal.

What I have not yet seen, is examples of what to send. How did you convince your family? Let's help eachother and share these messages!

I understand that this message should be tweaked to the recipients specific concerns, but a broad list of examples could really help lower the barrier to start this work!


@kingannoy Good question, and I think the answer has to be personal. For basic SMS users, maybe it's, "Hey, look at these checkmarks so you know if it actually arrived on their phone" and "Look, you can just tap a single button to go from texting to video." For iMessage users, "You can talk to Android users the same as iOS with all these features." To some, "this reduces the power of mega corporations" is convincing.

@kingannoy @jgoerzen
And this is what I replied after getting the serious question: "Why are you quitting WhatsApp?"

@Erik @kingannoy @jgoerzen Uhm je hebt het over decentraal , maar dan zou je eigenlijk ook niet op de hoofd server matrix.org mogen zitten ;)

For some colleagues whith whom I shared the ridento work, I simply rold them I'd rather use Signal than SMS or Whatsapp -- I don't have Whatsapp, and Signal is free and pretty much the same to use, except it's not owned by Facebook. That worked for most -- though some deleted Signal again when we were no longer driving together.
I only brought up privacy when I had some time and thought they were willing to listen a bit.
I found it harder to go the other way round.

@kingannoy @jgoerzen
Another thing that can help:
"Here's my email, Threema ID, phone number/Signal ID -- pick one!
Also have an XMPP adress and Briar, butbtheycre a bit hard to use."
if the other person only has Whatsapp, it becomes harder for them to say no to installing a second messenger, and also harder to think the reason you're not on Whatsapp is that you're some hilbilly/conspiracy theorist who's scared of technology, but actually know your way around messengers and such.

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