A question I have is whether the pandemic will mean a slow-down or pause in tech-innovation?
Innovation in part is based on serendipity, on the pseudo-random meeting and interaction of people, ideas, skills, capital etc. Now we've had a year of reduction of movement and social dynamics.




@ton My worry is that, due to the same lack of unscripted interaction you mention, people will become more radical.

For example: people used to have more opportunity to try out their conspiracy-theories on their co-workers, who then had a opportunity to talk them out of those.

But not only for conspiracies, I think this will push everybody into a slightly more radical version of their pre-socially-distant selves.

Kinda like the YouTube recommendation-funnel is also already doing.

@kingannoy yes, good point. I've noticed that on FB in spring, which led me to finally delete my account completely. Seeing what you describe happening in parts of my circle of friends.

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