Remember all those Flash games that used to be all over the internet? And those Flash animations?

Since Flash is going the way of the Dodo someone took the effort to archive them, in a stand-alone app that you can use the play them! If you choose the version that includes all the content (38,000 games and 2,400 animations) you will download a whopping 288GB!
Windows only sadly.

@kingannoy wow, amazing!! I was actually looking for some old Flash game I used to play.

@kingannoy There is Ruffle ( which seems cross platform.

Dunno how well it works, though.

@kingannoy I will forever remain salty at Adobe for acquiring Macromedia and ruining Fireworks & Flash.

I actually haven't installed the thing myself yet, so I can't check, but Exit Path (and Exit Path 2) are listed on the master list, so it should be available:

Huh. I did a Ctrl+F and couldn't find them. I guess maybe the page was too long to load properly?

@kingannoy I didn't play too many flash games, but wouldn't it be possible to download the .swf files and play them separately with a viewer program?

I guess so. But flash is being discontinued by Adobe so eventually it will stop working. Besides that nobody wants to use/install Flash anymore.

And I guess the archiving of all the .swf files is also a really important part of the project. When Flash is officially gone nobody will keep hosting those games.

And they also have some content in other formats, like shockwave for example, making this a really easy way to access all that content.

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