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"We should simply cut the Spider-Man in half. Sony can do a movie with their half and Disney can do seven more with theirs," suggests anonymous Hollywood insider with powerful robotic tentacles.

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@velexiraptor honestly I think we should just give third world citizens money because it's very easy and seems to work quite well. You can literally just give them money. It's a whole thing. Turns out solving poverty is as easy as "apply money".

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@Dayglochainsaw @velexiraptor solike. if I search for "give people in the third world money" will I find it? because I am Extremely Interested in redistributing some of my personal wealth. :|

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@troodon @velexiraptor I googled "give money to third world" and found this article that has some links to the charity itself and the independent studies they had done on the effects of it

As a side note: Why is it always THE beach and not A beach? There are plenty of beaches I could have been at, this one wasn't even my regular beach πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

I was just at the beach and I noticed someone creating a little mountain under their beach towel as a sort of pillow.

They were using their BOOK as a shovel! Dragging the spine through the sand to create a makeshift pillow!

Should I report this with the police or is it better if I go straight to the international tribunal in Den Hague?

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RE: a guide to walking barefoot 

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We've found it! The only developer in the world who made their website *too* accessible πŸ˜†


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Gr8 start to the day when you gotta cycle through the rain and sit in an office with wet fuckn pants

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Spot the two computers :)

Spoiler: Raspberry Pi 4 rear-left, feeding the 4K monitor. Raspberry Pi 3 with touchscreen in foreground.)

Recently learned about the controversy surrounding the release of "Cop Killer" by "Terror Clan" (hardrock group with Ice-T as lead) and how that influenced and restricted the conscious rap genre.

I never heard the song yet and actually quite like it!

This is the podcast that explains the backlash caused by this song:

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The thing I'd trapped under my popcorn bowl appeared to be a dragon.

I peeked in and it hissed a smokey hot breath at me, so I hurriedly closed the gap.

"Excuse me," I ventured, "Can you talk?"

"Can YOU talk?" its muffled voice responded, high yet raspy.

"Are... you just copying me?"

"No, I'm just Pissed Off!"

"Aren't dragons big, fire-breathing beasts?"

"It's what we LIKE you to think," it sulked.

I let it "valiantly" escape.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Iemand vertelde een anekdote waarin Provo's het gerucht hebben verspreid dat er anarchisten met de trein ergens aan zouden komen vermomd/verkleed als de Amsterdamse stadsraad. Met als gevolg dat de politie ze stond op te wachten, niet wetend dat het een officieel bezoek was, van de stadsraad, wat resulteerde in een ongemakkelijke worsteling/arrestatie.

Het klinkt too-good-to-be-true en ik kon er niets over vinden. Weet iemand misschien wat er waar van is?

Quote uit de Rudy en Freddy show, over hoe krakers de sloop van de Nieuwmarkt zijn tegengegaan:

Jesse Frederiks: Dat vind ik dus het bijzondere, dat het niet is wat je denkt van krakers, er komt een ontruiming, dan trekken ze wat klinkers uit de grond en dan wordt het knokken.

Maarten de Boer (ex-kraker): Dat deden we ook nog wel als het moest.

Jesse: Er werden ook badkuipjes naar beneden geflikkerd natuurlijk, dat hoort er ook bij.

Maarten: Maar de agenten hadden helmen op.


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Ever tried to manage a fleet of routers and not go insane? We did too. My colleague combined #SaltStack, #Wireguard, and #OpenWRT, and now we can deploy a config on few dozen routers without breaking a sweat.

He's giving a talk on this tomorrow at Pass the Salt:

Will there be a live stream? Yes!

Will we release our code? We already have!

#SysAdmin #FLOSS

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