"giving it the old college try" means something very different for me, bc I dropped out during the first semester

what should I cw stuff that mentions blood?

woo finished watching Russian Doll. Good shit. That male lead actor is very good tbqh, I've only seen him in a guest role b4 this

And as always, Natasha Lyonne is the greatest human being ever

@jelle_dc oh yeah prefiguration basically. I should really learn more about anarchosyndicalism tbh

@jelle_dc yeah I think I've heard that thing about "propaganda of the deed" before. And actually I did mean that kind of thing. Like not propaganda in the ridiculous sense of "things reactionaries call leftist propaganda", but things that are meant to convince people on the fence about stuff

not just "here's a book of dense anarchist theory, see you in a week" but like "here's something that puts it in perspective and in terms and structures you can easily digest". Things designed to convince.

I'm kind of intrigued by the notion of "leftist propaganda"

@Fritillaria2 @lyliawisteria I... don't know, maybe. It certainly sounds like you made smart choices given your circumstances though (or, maybe not "choices". Actions. something, idk, can't think of a good word)

russian doll livetooting 

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Y'all, holding self described allies/comrades accountable is not "the left eating its own." Its house cleaning so we don't end up like religious sycophants willing to elect a pedophile for 'the cause.' Shut up.

@lyliawisteria this is like too close to sounding preachy for my comfort, I'm just kind of trying to explain it in a way that doesn't sound like I'm saying your self-care is bad

@lyliawisteria oh yeah for sure. The article wasn't saying "calming down" is a bad form of self-care, it was saying it's not always the form of self-care you need in a given moment

for example, I'm emotionally repressed, so like continually repressing any /more/ emotions that come up is like pretty bad for me. So sometimes self-care for me is like reading something sad or upsetting so that I can get myself out of feeling numb for a bit. It's about figuring out what you need in the moment

no fucking WAY, Russian Doll was directed by Jamie Babbit?

@lyliawisteria the article was actually really good, it had all this shit about how self-care is always branded as "calming down", when, like, sometimes (often, really) sadness, or rage, are like completely rational emotions to have, and it fucks you up to always be trying to fight them down

@lyliawisteria yeah. I was gonna add something about that but like. Felt like it diluted my point a little (even though it's an important part of the issue)

CrimethInc. made a pretty good piece about how self-care is like a shitty liberal construct designed to tame the masses a while back. It's pretty good, I can find you a link if you want

mini-rant I guess. 

pretty tired of people ragging on about self-care. It's like giving someone a bandaid when they need a tourniquet

@es2600fm good luck, he sounds like an asshole (assuming it's the same guy you've been talking about lately)

@KitsuneAlicia I've done the whole no-anaesthesia thing enough times to know how rough that is

also like wow I need to figure out how to get on that

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Polyamory thoughts 

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