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Update on the UK Porn ban:

It's very clearly an attempt to target the revenue streams of sex workers and has nothing to do with banning porn

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Lmao rogue is such a bad example but you get the idea

Thinking about how fucking metal it is that your hair turns white when you get old

Like fuckin Rogue from X-Men

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@deme wasn't at the library but I'm gonna pop over to Library Genesis and grab it there, it sounds awesome

@KitsuneAlicia @DragonessDella yeah saw it on a game my sister was playing a couple days ago and I was like What The Fuck

@KitsuneAlicia @DragonessDella you can't actually do that, lol

I'm so far in all the factions (syndicates, ostron, Solaris United, etc) because I hit my... wait for it... DAILY STANDING CAP every day

I'm gonna feel really silly if you knew this already and I just misunderstood :p

Guys quick, I'm at the library, what lesbian books should I get

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All this computer shit seems really complicated for no good reason.

@DragonessDella @KitsuneAlicia oh I think I misinterpreted what you said before. Although I didn't know that either way

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historical and ongoing misogyny in medical research Show more

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@bgcarlisle @jordyd @arisunz the reason the version I learned it from was so cursed was the /specific tune/ it was set to. Not that the tune was bad, per se, just really really hard to get out of your head

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