ok it'll either be so obvious that it won't be funny, or so esoteric that no one will get the joke. Probably the former.

OR it won't be funny at all I guess. Idk, it was really funny when I thought of it

ok done w/ Turpentine! Based on this page: bvbcomix.com/bandvsband/honey-

unfortunately none of the kinds of clothes she wears were options. But I figure she wears black hoodies occasionally :P

ok made the same picrew but white this time. So this is my picrew equivalent of a self-portrait I guess (my hair's shorter, but the only other option is bald 😬 )

here's the picrew. It's... like, basically me, except I'm white irl. I left the skin tone like this b/c it was that by default and it was way too cute to change

other than that it's all me p much

MLP pic 

Borderlands 3, ec in picture 

It just FUCKING SNOWED again, god damnit Chicago

The weather here is cursed as fuck


GUYS HELP noisemaker bot is sending me awesome noise images! I'm crying a little!

Pic out my window. Looked kinda apocalyptic, I like it

Tell me this isn't the witchiest fucking thing you've ever seen. It's thick heavy ceramic with a really thick dark glaze dripping off of it, with a shallow basin in the middle to hold a candle or incense or whatever you want to burn.
(Picture doesn't quite do it justice btw. It's about a foot high, and more or less a cylinder)

My friend made it during our senior year of high school. Not to brag, but we were basically the best fucking ceramics students ever btw

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