It just FUCKING SNOWED again, god damnit Chicago

The weather here is cursed as fuck

GUYS HELP noisemaker bot is sending me awesome noise images! I'm crying a little!

Pic out my window. Looked kinda apocalyptic, I like it

Tell me this isn't the witchiest fucking thing you've ever seen. It's thick heavy ceramic with a really thick dark glaze dripping off of it, with a shallow basin in the middle to hold a candle or incense or whatever you want to burn.
(Picture doesn't quite do it justice btw. It's about a foot high, and more or less a cylinder)

My friend made it during our senior year of high school. Not to brag, but we were basically the best fucking ceramics students ever btw

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Good god what is this html
And why do I kinda like it

Growing Discontent Among the Robots

(It's part of a vacuum, how weird is that)

Me, right after finally getting my wifi working after 2 horrible weeks:

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