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I'm like the little sister of all the Millenials, and the big sister of all of Gen Z

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*sees a trans girl*
me: *hiding my enthusiasm* kinda cute I guess

oh shit my birthday is in like a week. Thought it was like 20 days off

i'm not the type of person who ever actually knows what day it is

After the gathering you make out with Alison Dianne Lorretta, a practicing aeroslut.

There's a line that's like "Only god can judge me, and his sins outnumber my own" and I can't remember for sure what it's from. It might have been from that "Obama saying profound shit in people's dreams" tumblr post.

griping about bipolar meds and mood stabilizers 

someone just walked into the room while I was talking to myself so that was...... a thing

just saw some dude doing some gross white knighting shit and I accidentally made an actual growling sound in my throat lmao

every time I come across some site's shiny new anti-adblock countermeasures I get SO riled up like I can NOT lose to these fuckers. It's no longer about accessing the site, it's about beating them

there is no legitimate moral or ethical reason to ever disable adblock

food ment 

why is everyone in dragon age inquisition so gods damned shiny

like they look /wet/ 24/7

the ASL sign for "3" feels so fucking comfy and good

just saw more gross things in 30 seconds than I usually do in a whole day

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