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rando cishet: why do you have a picture of she-ra & catra making out as your phone background

me: why do you still have the gender your parents gave you, carl

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popping a sleeping pill w/ my morning coffee to even me out

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I'm like the little sister of all the Millenials, and the big sister of all of Gen Z

My commission page is now updated!! I'm accepting commissions again!!! Please commission me! I make all kinds of stuffs!

You walk into my shop, and look at my wares, hemming an hawing.
"I want a patch that showcases how gay I am, but in a way that will really piss off assimilationists." You request.
"Say no more, sib." I say, pulling this fresh piece out from under my counter. "I got you."

#MastoMonday #FOSS #Libre #Linux #DeathToAmerica #FuckWhitey #ForSale

$$$ help, patreon, boosts appreciated 

The remainder of my bills will be taken care of and my glasses will probably be ordered tomorrow so thank you all again~

As usual, I'm in constant need of help since its been harder to find work because of waves hands around and my mental & physical health

I have a patreon:

and my usual links:$melaninpony

Any and everything is appreciated ❤️

somebody fricking DREW me and it's ABSURDLY good

art by @iseeclothedppl on birdsite

Fediverse security, abuse prevention 

What are some of the minimum (feature) requirements that should be expected from a Fediverse software?

Like beyond blocks, filters, reporting mechanisms at the user level.

#fediverse #activitypub

I'm trying to shift my sleep rhythm back by 4hrs in 1 night, lmao it's not gonna workkkkkk 😭

the armor math in overwatch is very similar to the bee shield amplification math in BL2

Christmas should be replaced with Cold Halloween (Hot Halloween in the southern hemisphere)

I think all raccoons are actually ppl who got cursed by witches to be raccoons. That's what I think's goin on there

i'm officially out of work for good due to my disabilities (primarily Lyme disease) and i'm waiting on my disability hearing. i'm on unemployment but it hasn't kicked in yet bc the state's really behind with COVID. if anybody could donate to my ko-fi i'd really appreciate it.

“TERFs aren’t feminists”, mild contradiction 

This comes around every so often, and I understand the point, but... trans exclusionary radical feminism develops from particular lines of second wave feminist thought. I think it’s more productive to accept TERFs are feminists and use that understanding to make feminism better.

"Diya found a picture of what Tiger Sharks look like the other day, and was so disappointed that she had to go lay down."

DIYA 😭 :purple_sparkling_heart:

I had to do Lin's Hand-Washing guide. I just had to.

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