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popping a sleeping pill w/ my morning coffee to even me out

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I'm like the little sister of all the Millenials, and the big sister of all of Gen Z

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*sees a trans girl*
me: *hiding my enthusiasm* kinda cute I guess

minecraft, silly 

not gay as in a marketing target but gay as in I'm gonna kick your ass
not queer as in a marketing target but queer as in I'm gonna kick your ass
not trans as in a marketing target but trans as in I'm gonna kick your ass
not bi as in a marketing target but bi as in say goodbye to your ass

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nemesis looks like he's wearing a robe made of garbage bags

this hero in endless space is gay, read her little story blurb

I just want a goddamn mulan gay fanfic that isn't literally just smut

women over six feet tall, boost if you are in agreement

overwatch, echo 

I guess my problem with those different-animals-as-representing-different-races children's books is that they coddle children from understanding what race really is, who the oppressors are, who the oppressed are.

Like, yeah, the salient point taught is that one shouldn't treat another differently due to superficial reasons, but, like, is that all race is and has been, really? Nah …

anyone got any self-dx'ing materials or links or blog posts or w/e for schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder/etc? No DSM shit tho, stuff actually written by schizophrenic ppl

installing tik tok b/c chuds seem to REALLY hate that shit apparently. So it must be doing something right

weird music nonsense 

possible mh revelation 

Holy fuck

I think I'm schizoaffective?

Just read what that meant and it fits a lot of my shit v well

mh stuff, ableist slur mentioned 

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