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having crushes on girls is hard work, but somebody's gotta do it

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*SHODAN voice*
What is it like to be straight

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if I had a twin I'd probably still be the evil one

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"I can't think straight" should be like the official gay secret handshake phrase

I can't believe I almost missed the Spring Equinox, the second best day of the year

Or fall equinox for the Southern Hemisphere

Happy spring equinox to all you witches etc

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Siegfried says "there are no unskilled workers, only unvalued workers"

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Here's the thing about a "balanced diet": I hate it. It's ableist, and not just on what foods can be obtained. It overgeneralizes based on "normal" metabolic processes and physical/mental energy requirements.

My brain uses more energy than most others. This gives the tradeoff of using less physical energy. So I need less in the way of vegetables and more in the way of starches/sugars to compensate.

In short, fuck ablelist "balanced diets". I'll be over here eating more cake tyvm.

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Imagine being the most powerful being in the universe and not immediately using it for good

I really wish we knew what all those dead Mesopotamian languages sounded like :(

Y'all need to fuckin mark your images as sensitive just as consistently as you CW. Please.

"so be it" sounds like something only a literal Pharaoh should be able to say

wonder what it sounded like in ancient egyptian

me, doing calculations in my head: "9 + 4 is 15"

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The world will learn to fear my good ideas

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steven: guess I'm too tough to cry

pearl: just today you were crying about snakes

steven: they don't have ANY ARMS

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you were the dancing queen
made of bees
only seven beeeees

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tryin to find a vid of the Steven Universe theme song and I stumble on a very plot-relevant clip that I have /no memory of at all/

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