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*SHODAN voice*
What is it like to be straight

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"I can't think straight" should be like the official gay secret handshake phrase

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Also: the fuck is a "long-sleeved t-shirt"?

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Truly wild that singular they/them pronouns are apparently harder to incorporate into some people’s lexicon than the word “staycation”

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*google search* how to tell if your cat is a zombie

I remember meeting this one guy who actually used "af" ("as fuck") as a word. Like he said it like "aff"

oh lmao that's what "bubbline" means, isn't it

I might sound like I'm being melodramatic or exaggerating but I promise you I am not

consider me basically useless for the next 24 hrs after watching that

wow, finished the episode

all I gotta say is, Betty deserved better

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just saw the Marceline/PB kiss and holy shit I just went totally incoherent. Like sobbing and laughing and hyperventilating

ok guys I'm gonna watch the Adventure Time finale. Prepare for, like, open weeping

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