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my superhero name is Ultra Kim, and oh boy is she overpowered

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I'm like the little sister of all the Millenials, and the big sister of all of Gen Z

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*sees a trans girl*
me: *hiding my enthusiasm* kinda cute I guess

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me: *trips face-first into your dms, scattering papers and school books everywhere like an anime gorl*

going in DEEP in the backwaters of the internet to find the designer of that one pair of pants kimbra wore that one time

yeah no sorry I like my earth-shattering coughs too much

jesus I did not know ppl did voice feminization training for their /coughs/

i swear to god, abaddon better know like half his viewership are lesbians

I think this is the third time I've gotten one of these in my life

having one of those breakdowns where it starts like a panic attack and ends like you just realized all the things you need to cut out of your life, and also what you need to do next

one of my favorite quotes is "The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places."

still think it's super funny how all the characters in TF2 say "medic"

skin stuff 

k6bd musing 

i refuse to accept that "themself" isn't proper grammar

someone had an awful lot of fun on the clarinet for that song

I used to play it while I was playing TF2 and it made me feel like the silliest goof

Irritated rant about straight people 

it's like when you're doing a math word problem and you just stare at it for 5 minutes going "WHERE'S THE MATH? I DON'T GET WHAT THE PROBLEM IS"

doing the KissAnime modified captchas hurts my brain, they're so hard for me for some reason

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