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so now Cloudflare:
- hosts website's DNS
- reverse-proxies websites
- runs a DNS over HTTPS resolver
- runs an IPFS gateway

Is it just me, or are they positioning themselves to be able to MITM everything?

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it's called Steam because it's a STEAMING PILE OF

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Even if you think something you love is unbelievably corny, love the heck out of it. No shame, no surrender.

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The Prosthetic Photographer forces its users with electrical impulses to unwillingly take beautiful pictures. Check it out, then enter your own Human-Computer Interface to the Prize before August 27th! #HackadayPrize source:

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i really like the use of positive (+), negative (-), and neutral (~) in the CW as i find it to be much more helpful and pretty specific even for only symbols

for example, talking about mental health could be
-talking about triggering stuff
-talking abut progress
-talking about something you've learned about yourself

and any of those could trigger people, depending on the exact content. so using + - or ~ in your CW is really good for a variety of topics and i appreciate it.

keep it going

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Here's an idea that is imperfect and easy to abuse but could be a starting point for something better:

What if people could let other people add tags/cw to posts? What if I could let people I follow add tags/cw to my posts? (I also would assume this would include the ability to easily remove/disallow.)
#metadon #feature #brainstorm #socialmediaabuse

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If we sought a new instance or few, being (unordered):
*queer [trans/genderqueer]
*writing and fanning of writing [SFF and smut mostly, but usually not all at the same time]
*fond of RPGs both narrative and tactical
*several animals and other beings, albeit not formally furry-IDed
*neither religious nor spiritual, but occasionally metaphorical
*plural- and ace-friendly
*formerly a student of astronomy and still in love with the stars

Where might you recommend we look into?

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Mastodon can’t work because without a strong, authoritarian leader how can anything ever function?
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Lots of people need lots of different content warnings on posts!
Here are some suggestions on them, not all of them necessarily common:

Selfies and/or eye contact
Sexual content (some use "lewd" for this, I avoid putting "nsfw" but that's another post)
Public Displays of Affection (pda)
Politics and news (with the places it's relevant in the tag)
Mental health issues

Also, if you make jokes where the content warning is very misleading, put (joke) in the CW!

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Don't forget to make your $350 sacrifice to Awoön, God of Mastodon

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To my anarchist/commie/socialist comrades Show more

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okay I'm bloody serious
someone know where I could read reliable shit on schizophrenia and/or DID?

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Octodon is a nice general purpose instance.