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I'm like the little sister of all the Millenials, and the big sister of all of Gen Z

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*sees a trans girl*
me: *hiding my enthusiasm* kinda cute I guess

kinda cute imo, DEEP Kim Lore 

fedi meta, racists 

I used to be really into women's straw-weight MMA. it's scary

trans girls are the most powerful economic force in the universe we just donate to each others crowdfunding campaigns and somehow at the end of it we all have more money. its like the banking system except gay and ethical

random pers, bein melodramatic 

@velexiraptor sometimes, growing lesbians who can't find a flannel of the right size will wait for up to 20 hours at the coffee shop. lesbians will hold onto each others' flannels in a gay chain, organizing themselves from largest to smallest. when a lesbian of the appropriate size takes off her flannel, each lesbian will move into the next higher sized lesbian's flannel, and then smell it for weeks and vow never to wash it

moving into larger flannels and donating smaller ones at clothing swaps like a hermit crab

@mcknze @LilyVers @velexiraptor @shoofle

"The lesbains have been cohabitating for several years, but the smaller one continues to worry 'does this girl like me?'."


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