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Today is #TransDayofVisibility, a celebration of the lives of transgender people. To commemorate this day, we're highlighting the accomplishments of three amazing transgender advocates: Ashley Diamond, Jessi Dye and Tristan Broussard.


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RT @LiaraRoux@twitter.com: After under a day of community additions and research, we've listed over 80 companies or distinct products (like YouTube) that discriminate against or outright ban sex workers and adult products (often including contraceptives!). This is digital redlining. docs.google.com/document/d/1c1

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🎉Places you can buy my smut🎉
Project Maenad: bit.ly/ACProMae

🎊Places to send me stuff🎊
Square Cash: cash.me/$AComrade
My wishlist: bit.ly/ACWishlist

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By not allowing quoted toots, Mastodon does prevent people from boosting others’ toots that quote their own old toots, an annoying form of self-promotion that you see on birdsite.

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#tootdon is archiving you. Even if you are not using it.
(If someone using tootdon boost/fav your toot, tootdon saves your toot into their private server)
But why??

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CWs = "censorship", mildly salty 

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hey you

yeah, you

keep doing illegal stuff

as long as it doesn't directly harm anybody

break laws

follow your dreams

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📣PSA 📣

Please add descriptions to your images.

There are visually impaired users floating about the federverse and they deserve descriptions.

A simple description of "airplane" or "cute Kitty" is sufficient. You can do more if you like, but at least add a succinct, basic description if possible.


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