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Shadowrun Returns dropping the heavy 2018 emotions

A fun thing about playing Divinity: Original Sin co-op w/ your wife is that your serious, focused cleric lady can be searching for evidence while her free-spirited witch steals panties from a cabinet *and gets an achievement for it* then you both get caught and have to kill the suspect anyway.

On the lappy I am giving the Shadowrun games a go for the first time. My lady elf in Returns has A Look that I Am Here For And Jealous Of.

I have no cultural experiences to justify why this idea appeared in my head, demanding to be made real, but now that I've complied, I can move on.

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I have a modest little indiepop/tweet pop playlist on Apple Music. I need to get around to adding to it soon.

“How dare you disrespect the flag! Think of the troops,” he yelled at his shoes.

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Ha ha, remember when the press hailed Elon Musk as a luminary who was gonna save the world with his benevolent tech, rather than the mad emerald-mine dauphin that he's revealed himself to be?

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Seeing the talking pizza rat on my tootstream just makes me want to remind everybody that his name is, canonically, "Charles Entertainment Cheese." I feel like that was a pretty big warning sign about this whole "human creativity" thing.

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I'll take "signs this was made by BioWare and not CDPR for $100, Alex."

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