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The backwoodsman comes back at the herb doctor: β€œPicked and prudent sentiments. You are the moderate man, the invaluable understrapper of the wicked man. You, the moderate man, may be used for wrong, but are useless for right.”


After living with the idea that g+ is going away for months now, I'm becoming more comfortable with it. But it's still fuggin' scary.

I can post the exact same thing here, on facebook, on twitter, and on g+. At most I'll get a like or a reshare on those other three; but on g+ my post will start a whole conversation with numerous participants.

Swedes! Poles! Germans! Luxembourgers! The world is depending on you to save the internet from the EU! (PLEASE RT!)

#Article13 #Article11 #CopyrightDirective #FixCopyright

GoDaddy is injecting tracking JavaScript code to websites hosted on its US data center without asking.

If you want it gone you (the site owner) need to opt-out manually from your hosting console:

@fitheach @vfrmedia My favourite brutalist building is without doubt the church of St--Nicholas in HΓ©rΓ©mence (Switzerland). When I was a kid we went on holiday in that valley and I was always very impressed by it (more pictures at

And in bloom as well! Our friends told us that we might have been watering them to often (once a week). So switched to once a month and soon enough: bloom!

Flat is a pure-Python 2D drawing library "for creating and manipulating digital forms of fine arts. [...] It grew out of the needs for generative design, architecture and art." exports to SVG and so easily embeds in a jupyter notebook (`display(SVG(page.svg())`). I have been looking for something like this forever, it's a little quirky but seems too good to be true

aliens: holy fucking shit
humans: I know, first contact right?
aliens: no you dipshits we're talking about whales
humans: ooh yeah, whales are pretty cool
aliens: literally the most amazing thing in the entire galaxy
humans: did you know you can boil them down into lamp oil?

If you have or will soon have an , be very wary of buying a "WallBox" charger. I have experiencing a very frustrating set-up which, it turns out, requires me to have a Google Account, sign a new privacy policy, have a _recent_ android phone, install a proprietary app, and sign up to a subscription service (first year free! :D :D :D)... just to activate a core feature I already paid extra to have.
This is . Garbage you can't own, which makes you a serf, and costs more.

I’m a generalist with 15 years professional experience and engineering/computer science degrees. Full-stack Ruby, ReasonML most recently with a fair bit of Rust on the side.

Looking for a role in Melbourne AU or remote friendly. Would love to work a bit lower down the stack, systems level, embedded, OS, networking for example. Want to work for a business that values quality and correctness, not just deadlines and piling on technical debt.

Pls boost for reach πŸ™

Since #Linux has adopted the penguin as its logo, it would be great to see the #LinuxFoundation donating to some organizations that are helping to save threatened penguin species like the Hoihi, or Yellow Eyed Penguin. Maybe the #GNUProject could contribute something to wildlife conversation on the African Savannah, where the real Gnu live? #NoSoftwareFreedomOnADeadPlanet

Wow, the #rust community really is amazing! I posted a fairly beginner question on r/rust just now, and within 10 minutes I got 8 commentsβ€”7 of them were attempted solutions, 6 of them were *correct* solutions, and 2 of them had full, running code samples/diffs.

And *none* of them called me dumb or implied I don't know how to programβ€”even though I made a classic beginner mistake (solving ownership issues with excessive use of `clone()` instead of by understating my code better)

I have a massive blog post that will drop tomorrow or the day after that presents my philosophy of #ActivityPub, why I think some criticisms stem from a fundamental philosophical difference, analyzing some of these criticisms to find the real gems, and proposing a fantasy where communities can evolve ActivityPub with no barrier to entry with a concrete path towards achieving this idealistic goal.

It started at 8 pages long, I'm trying to trim it down now. lol

I can see why normal people just throw their hands up in the air about data privacy. I've put so much effort into this stuff, but instead of feeling like a super-cool guy in a spy movie, I feel more like a guy with a half-working phone and no decent emoji input

β€œAGPL Policy –”

In case people were wondering whether the differences between the GPL and the AGPL are meaningful or not.

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Yesterday I learned something new about boosting on : if you boost the first message of a thread, then it isn't necessarily true that all your followers can click on it to see the entire thread. Replies aren't fetched by remote instances. If you need the last message of a thread, then all its ancestors will get fetched by remote instances. Your followers might still not see all the threads that branched off of the original, but they will see at least the one thread.

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