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Alex Schroeder 🐝

Is Mastodon just the same hundred or so people?

@kensanata If you like "In C" (or at least the concept behind it), i also recommend "Canto ostinato" from Simeon ten hold (available on yt) or "Drumming" (and other stuff) from Steve Reich. (Haitian) Vodou drumming also shares the concept of small, combined patterns. A bit like the unix command line ;) There is also "In D" from Arandel, which is completely different but also very nice imho.

I guess I'm interested in systems where programming and art intersect. Like back when I tried to create a face generator but decided that randomly assembling faces from crude elements I had drawn by hand was the way to go.

It's late at night and I'm listening to more weird music, semi generated or something. Terry Riley's "In C"; and I'm reading the article that promises to explain this all. I'm fascinated by "a form of music where these kinds of open ended processes are front and center".

I'm sure there will be a way for you to sue your friends based on the ... soon!

So, Slack has decided to shutdown IRC and XMPP interfaces.

Looks like no more slack for me!

Hah! I can make my own mastodon ui with tootstream and a tmux pane with dozens of streaming panes!

Looking at my notes from 2015: " systemd replaces sysvinit, which requires a newer kernel, which the host doesn’t have" so perhaps this should work now, going from Jessie to Stretch?

My servers run in using Debian Jessie. Can I upgrade my Debian 8 container to Debian 9 using apt dist-upgrade? What's the official procedure for this: should the hosting provider do this? Last time I just got a second container with Debian 9 and manually reconfigured everything. It does take quite a while to get everything back up and running, though. So, how would you do it?

We're living in the Cyberpunk future... Β«dubbed the β€œMagnet of Threats;” in addition to Regin, believed to be a British spy kit, they found the NSA’s Equation Group malware as well as modules belonging to Flame, believed to be an Israeli operation; Animal Farm, believed to belong to French intelligence; Careto (or Mask), believed to be a Spanish-speaking nation-state group; and Turla, a Russian-speaking group.Β»

Going back to that old toot of mine where I asked for Mastodon clients, I think the one I like best right now is , written in Python. Basically the only issue I had was that streaming a timeline doesn't keep the prompt active so you have to stop streaming, write your reply or do whatever, and then resume streaming. And if you stream in another window, the IDs generated are not available to your session, obviously.

Time to listen to some Holly Herndon again. Generated music, coding, interesting stuff all around. I remember seeing an interview with her.
I blogged about her in 2015.

OK, that slide set "Generative Music in JavaScript & Web Audio" led me to this huge blog post and tutorial talking about the very thing! "JavaScript Systems Music: Learning Web Audio by Recreating The Works of Steve Reich and Brian Eno". This is great.
Note to self: must not forget to collect all this stuff on a blog post.

Clicking through this set of slides (auto plays sound, so watch the volume!): "Generative Music in JavaScript & Web Audio"
Now I've read the name Brian Eno a few times and feel like once again like I'm standing at the foot of this mountain and see that not only have people been here, but they have been here decades ago. Oh well. Still got to make my baby steps.

More links: I remember trying to follow this tutorial "Generating accessible music with Clojure and Overtone (and a primer in Music theory)"
is a environment to talk to the audio engine.

"P22 Music Text Composition Generator" β†’ this somehow translates letters to notes. Sadly, it requires Flash.

Another GUI assume this was a tool to generate a soundtrack for a silent movie. Two axis will not suffice. The first scene is the imperator then; the next is the Jedi temple; the next is a battle; etc. So how about each theme being the corners of a triangle, FIFO. If the next scene is Padme then the imperator drops off the triangle. Within the triangle, a button mixes the three themes. This would get around the two axis limitation.
I really need a sound generator that takes some parameters.

I hate the buzzword level in that toot. Makes me want to stand up and shout "bullshit!" But it soudns so attractive because we're not writing the code, we're "searching" for the code, I guess?

OK, another idea: assuming I didn't know anything about writing music generating code: take a generator that takes 100 input parameters to generate 2min samples, pick a number of music pieces and categorize them manually (Hogwarts great hall, burning the Jedi temple, tears in rain, in the mood for love, etc), use competitive AI training to create similar sounding pieces, then have sliders to move around the parameter space; mapping 2-3 sliders to 100 parameters might work due to categorization?