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@fitheach There's this description of Boston, US:

โ€œThe geographical center of Boston is in Roxbury. Due north of the center we find the South End. This is not to be confused with South Boston which lies directly east from the South End. North of the South End is East Boston and southwest of East Boston is the North End.โ€


A while ago I wrote an absolute beginners' guide about how to run a web service like or on a small Linux system.

( is ephemeral, so I'm reposting it occasionally)

when you think about it, the idea that software should scale is actually really weird. "sure this garden is nice, but how nice can it be if it doesn't grow to cover the entire surface of the earth?"

B612 is an open-source font developed by Airbus. It's the result of a research project to define and validate an โ€œAeronautical Fontโ€ to improve display of information on the cockpit screens, in particular in terms of legibility and comfort of reading.

Notes on privacy and data collection of

" and receive a lot of private, personal and identifiable data on a regular basis, or metadata that can be used to precisely identify and/or track users/server, their social graph, usage pattern and potential location. This is possible both by the default configuration values in synapse/Riot [โ€ฆ]"

#matrix #messaging #riot #security #privacy

Ugliest #tomato update: it began to split open along the back so I decided to pick it. Turns it those green bits were all part of the one monstrous fruit. I cut it open but it looks like an alien autopsy in my kitchen... #mastomatodon

The files I was supposed to bring were so tiny that I made a point by bringing them on a floppy disk.

Unfortunately I also had to bring the floppy drive. ๐Ÿคท

We have no idea what awoo actually is, but decades of clinical trials have shown that 1. it works, and 2. it's getting stronger

You know those incredibly condescending startupvitamin posters that are in way too many tech offices? I wish there were posters in exact the same style with anti fascist or feminist messages that could be hidden among them.

I spent a good part of yesterday migrating several databases to the latest version. They are now all using PostgreSQL 11.x

I started using Postgres with the 7.x series, and have used it almost exclusively as my DB of choice ever since. I've always found Postgres to be utterly reliable, and working with it is always a pleasure. Super documentation, too.

A big thank you to all the folk who make Postgres such a great DB.

#postgres #PostgreSQL #databases #FOSS #FLOSS

"Simply shouting into the void is, for most people, highly demotivating. What is also demotivating is the lack of feedback. If thereโ€™s no signal that says someone received your message, then the natural, human response is to stop using that communication channel and find another one."

Yes! This is why #SocialMedia has mostly displaced mailing lists, blogs etc. If you want newcomers to the #fediverse to stay, follow them, welcome them, and reply to their posts.

UK ISP group names Mozilla 'Internet Villain' for supporting 'DNS-over-HTTPS' | ZDNet

UK government and local ISPs are putting the pressure on browsers to drop plans to support DoH protocol.

Earth has 2.2 trillion acres where forests can regrow. Restoring those forests could absorb two-thirds of human-produced carbon in the atmosphere, making restoration our most powerful weapon in fighting climate change, according to a major new study.

insect collapse means our collapse 

@xuv @kensanata There is this interesting thread on reddit about music consumption and the "generational gap": which makes me think that there's no generational gap, only people craving for easy to use services and UI

Want to know the soul of a nation? Read books by their dissidents.

I have this Deutsche Telekom #Tolino Vision 2 #eBookReader I bought years ago after some user on the #Ubuntu #MATE forums posted it would work w/my PCs, but I've almost never used because it doesn't.
Plugging a USB cord in does nothing but recharge the battery. It isn't exactly locked in with a vendor: Internet browser works (ex. for downloading from #Gutenberg), but is too primitive for conveniently moving files to the device via cloud storage.
How do I jailbreak it?

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