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As this is basically just text files, and since @solderpunk's gopher client VF-1 allows us to extract URLs in text files in order to create a temporary menu, we can already use VF-1 to navigate site consisting of nothing but interlinked, simple text files. For now, the only URL scheme we can use is the Gopher URLs with a prepended 0 item type (for text files), but who cares? At least for now, this is good enough.

A few hours spent with Perl in order to write a simple text server. It does just that: it serves text, and it allows you to change text because I think the read/write web is important. In a way it's a bit like without menus. You can have link extraction in the client, I think!

Could you recommend me any books (fiction/nonfiction) that helped you to either

* self-reflect,
* strongly reconsider the relation between yourself and the society you live in,
* or grow/change as a person?

If yes, which book(s)?

(Boosts welcome, I guess.)

A look back at Hong Kong a few years ago, in case you need some context for the current situation:
And if you’re interested in some pictures: we spent a few days in HK before visiting Australia and we liked it very much.

For a long time I wanted a tiling window manager but these days I almost always just use maximized windows. Perhaps it’s cheating because I use Emacs in one of them, and sometimes I use two windows within Emacs... but still, the longer I’m at it the less important a window manager actually seems.

πŸ• πŸ’­ Humans sometimes don't know how to play. Today I saw a couple walking in the evening, looking at me, looking at my favourite deflated ball, and I got up immediately and brought them ball, tried to shove it into their hands, even stood on their foot, wagging my tail like crazy! I wanted to play! But the humans don't know how to grab the ball. They gave up after a few seconds of tug-o'-the-ball and walked on. Poor humans. Nobody taught them how to play.

Dogs sometimes don't know how to play. Today we saw a young Golden Retriever with its favourite deflated ball, and it saw us, got up immediately and brought us the ball, tried to shove it into our hands, even stood on my foot, wagging its tail like crazy! It wanted to play! But the dog doesn't know that it has to let go of the damn ball if it wants me to throw the ball! So we're playing tug-o'-the-ball for a few seconds before we walk on. Poor doggo. Nobody taught it how to play.

Me in 1993: Ugh, my parents are the worst. They never give me money for the Scholastic Book Fair.

Me in 2019, watching an elementary school librarian bring every class into the library one-by-one, sitting the children down, forcing them to watch a 15 minute sales pitch video, then talking to them about how they should ask their parents for money. Even the kindergardeners.: "Capitalism is a nightmare."

#NP You all know I've been working on an #Evangelion Remix album for a few months now- here it is:

Please check it out, boost it if you like it.

CryptPad has had a surge of visitors this week-end from Hong-Kong (the purple in the weekly stats here). We wonder if it’s related to the Hong Kong massive protests. CryptPad continues to grow fast ! #zeroknowledge #encryptedcollaboration #cryptpad

I’ll also note that the author being happy at the maternal leave she got is confusing to read because we look at the many months (!) people get in German or Austria and we seethe with anger at the injustice. But this author is simply happy because our lousy situation still seems so much better to her than the situation in the US. Also, the comments on HN make my heart hurt. 😨

Regarding that last boost about living in Switzerland, it is t quite as rosy but it still seems lightyears better than in the US. one of the inaccuracies is this: β€œSwitzerland immediately taxes dividends at a maximum of 35 percent and also has a wealth-based tax.” You get those 35% back of you declare it on the tax form. So essentially it’s the minimum tax for those who hide their money from tax authorities all over the world. And the wealth-based tax is minimal: 1‰ or something similar.

I can't speak to spreadsheets, but Jupyter notebooks have been massively successful as a tool for scientific computing. The initial step is not trivial, but they provide a fairly smooth path from typing out a few formulas calculator-fashion - optionally including rendered scientific notation and units - up to major multi-language cluster computing applications.

This whole thread about the ethics of Free Software is very interesting:
The freedom to pay somebody to write a program for you is not the same degree of freedom as the freedom to walk wherever you want. There are limitations to both, of course, but they are still different.

PaperWM is really hitting the sweet spot of tiling window management for me, someone who has a wide-screen display and hardly ever wants vertical tiling:

β‘  β€˜super + r’ cycles window sizes between β…“, Β½ and β…” of the screen (the sizes I want the majority of the time),
β‘‘ β€˜super + f’ toggles between the current size and the whole screen (the size I want the rest of the time),
β‘’ β€˜super + c’ slides the whole tiling arrangement so that the active window is centred.

1994: \o/ only 4 weeks & my first linux worked!!
1996: awesome experimental stuff, I'll compile it all! new libc oh new kernel week!!
2000: I think tech career was a mistake I don't understand this java xml stuff
2010: god no not another web framework

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