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Could you recommend me any books (fiction/nonfiction) that helped you to either

* self-reflect,
* strongly reconsider the relation between yourself and the society you live in,
* or grow/change as a person?

If yes, which book(s)?

(Boosts welcome, I guess.)

Me in 1993: Ugh, my parents are the worst. They never give me money for the Scholastic Book Fair.

Me in 2019, watching an elementary school librarian bring every class into the library one-by-one, sitting the children down, forcing them to watch a 15 minute sales pitch video, then talking to them about how they should ask their parents for money. Even the kindergardeners.: "Capitalism is a nightmare."

#NP You all know I've been working on an #Evangelion Remix album for a few months now- here it is:

Please check it out, boost it if you like it.

CryptPad has had a surge of visitors this week-end from Hong-Kong (the purple in the weekly stats here). We wonder if it’s related to the Hong Kong massive protests. CryptPad continues to grow fast ! #zeroknowledge #encryptedcollaboration #cryptpad

I can't speak to spreadsheets, but Jupyter notebooks have been massively successful as a tool for scientific computing. The initial step is not trivial, but they provide a fairly smooth path from typing out a few formulas calculator-fashion - optionally including rendered scientific notation and units - up to major multi-language cluster computing applications.

PaperWM is really hitting the sweet spot of tiling window management for me, someone who has a wide-screen display and hardly ever wants vertical tiling:

① ‘super + r’ cycles window sizes between ⅓, ½ and ⅔ of the screen (the sizes I want the majority of the time),
② ‘super + f’ toggles between the current size and the whole screen (the size I want the rest of the time),
③ ‘super + c’ slides the whole tiling arrangement so that the active window is centred.

1994: \o/ only 4 weeks & my first linux worked!!
1996: awesome experimental stuff, I'll compile it all! new libc oh new kernel week!!
2000: I think tech career was a mistake I don't understand this java xml stuff
2010: god no not another web framework

When the kids see that the answer to "Is it opposite day?" is always "No" and never "Yes".

"Antiterrorism laws are passed under pressure after a terrorism event, are often introduced with the caveat they're 'only temporary', but they stay on the books for ever; that's why it's important to fight them as soon as they appear as proposals."

This requires us to talk about a different kind of privacy, one that we haven’t needed to give a name to before. For the purposes of this essay, I’ll call it ‘ambient privacy’—the understanding that there is value in having our everyday interactions with one another remain outside the reach of monitoring, and that the small details of our daily lives should pass by unremembered. What we do at home, work, church, school, or in our leisure time does not belong in a permanent record. Not every conversation needs to be a deposition.

RAPPEL Demain grève des femmes en Suisse ! 💪

Superbes podcasts de « Les Couilles sur la table » sur la grève féministe de ce vendredi 14 juin 2019 qui en parle:


Et il y a un type qui critique le fait que le mot cisgenre soit utilisé, en tout petit, en astérisque, 2019. Il a eu peur d'apprendre un nouveau mot. :)

❤️ 💜 💚 🧡

One potential outcome I can see is that the mainstream channels suffer from a kind of "Gresham's Law" - bad speech drives out the good. If you have something to sell, or you want to swing an election, you're on Facebook/Twitter. Whereas the genuine conversations are happening on Discord/Mastodon/etc.

I think we're already starting to see this happen (Twitter is full of brands, influencers, politicians, etc.), but it's happening slowly.

@rysiek "two actual working use-cases for blockchain: buying drugs, paying ransomware ransoms"

Fern, my curses-based mastodon client, has moved to its own repository:

‘While any visitor to the site can watch its videos, only fully registered members are allowed to upload videos or leave a bullet comment. Currently, registration involves passing a hundred-question test about anime trivia (“In the Fate series, which magic is the Einzborn family fighting over the Holy Grail in hopes of recovering?”) and bullet comment etiquette’

I like a very large number of things about this article:

Very Snow Crash.

Randomly grabbed some crumpled newspaper out of a box from my parent’s house. Almost 35 years ago to the day, the @seattletimes articles on page F3 were “Yes, girls can compute” and “Girls lack role models in world of computers”.

We’ve come a long ways. :)

When the money ran out at my last job, I'd transitioned laterally so far away from my original purpose as a consulting audio engineer, I had to ask my boss what exactly I even was, officially.

He said "You're a hacker. But we can make your title 'multimedia developer' officially if you'd like."

So uh, does anyone need one of those? A hacker with a specialization in audio/video coding, and an audio engineering background?

Freelance is fun, except it's mostly not.

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