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#onthisday (June 8) 1947, George Orwell's #NineteenEightyFour is first published. #Orwellian, #BigBrother, #thoughtcrime, and #Newspeak have entered common usage and become clarion calls in the internet age for ethical, privacy-conscious platforms.

BBC's China correspondent is locked out of WeChat (Chinese equivalent of Facebook) for 'spreading malicious rumours' after posting about Tiananmen Square memorials.

Then the app forces him to do a biometric faceprint to be logged back in.

Gee, I'm so glad that last bit is something that could never happen with Facebook or Google or Microsoft or Apple.

Gah, missed the last flight to ZΓΌrich. Looks like I’m stuck in Paris CDG with my father in law. Let’s see what happens next. An early flight tomorrow and a nice hotel near the airport would be nice.

RPG blogger Skerples writes about a silent movie: Die Nibelungen (1924):
Β«Isn't he gorgeous~. To quote Anna Russell, "And he's very young and he's very strong and he's very brave and he's very handsome and he's very stupid. Just look at those shots though. All from the first 10 minutes of the film. It's 1924. The camera can't move, so every shot needs to be framed, and nobody framed like Fritz. Just look at the shadows! The smoke!Β»

@kensanata @jalcine

"For example, users should be able to install style sheets, assistive browser extensions, and blockers of unwanted content [...]"

Oh, goodness.

A nice overview of my favourite podcast, the BHP (British History Podcast).

"With over 3k reviews and a loyal fan base, the British History Podcast recaps British #history by tapping into the humanity of the people of Britain & explaining the stories behind conflicts. Suffice it to say, this isn't your run-of-the-mill history podcast."

You can't save the climate by going vegan. Corporate polluters must be held accountable.

Many individual actions to slow the climate crisis are worth taking. But they distract from the systemic changes that are needed to avert this crisis


A part of the internet I'm becoming more and more enamored of is podcasts. They're still part of the "old web" - it's just RSS!

I also have to commend Apple for hosting an open directory of podcasts, and not trying to extract any rent on it, or run ads on it, or manipulate it with algorithms. My open-source podcast app can just search iTunes like it's no big deal.

My father was getting spam notification from chrome on his android... I opened the browser and at first I thought there was something very weird going on, the number of tabs showed as ":D". "Wait, how many tabs to you have open?" He went to show me "Only two apps!" "No.. tabs, let me show you *scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll*" "oh?!"
I closed 344 tabs.

Another church, another cathedral, another fresco, more tourists, temperatures of 33Β°C at 16:30, and it feels much hotter out in the sun. I think I need a shower and some sleep before dinner.

Ridiculous, brilliant and absurd: dynamically generating a keyboard layout based on the most common letters that you're typing right now!

Skip the Vice link (it doesn't even link to the report it talks about, and go straight to the report...

What that is.... More sobering honesty about the actual dilemma humanity is in with #ClimateChange; i.e., some degree of global #SocietalCollapse by 2050, in the lifetime of many readers of this post.

In a different sobering study published Oct. 2018, #JemBendell estimates serious problems even sooner, possibly by 2030...

Use sunscreen!

June 4th is the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre.

My tribute: The Tragedy of Innocence:

We’re in western Georgia, now. They still drive like crazy. We saw a car accident today. The traffic jam went kn and on. Soon, they were overtaking like crazy again.
Pictures from a very old settlement that used to be underground, dug into the sandstone, but most of the thing collapsed during an earthquake in the 1920s. Also the floodplain below.

A good read by @tomasino about the state of the world. CW: Everything is Evil.

(thread, 1/3) I posted something about the US Patent Office's proposed new standards (which it seems they're already using), and how it's going to expand what Google can claim as property and limit what medical procedures are in the public domain.

Hey, Mastomind:

Who breaks your brain and rocks your world. I need some suggestions.

Tend toward thinky, systems, society, philosophy in interests, though I wander much afield.


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