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"Pollution now kills three times as many people worldwide as Aids, tuberculosis and malaria combined. (...) Burning fossil fuels, according to a recent paper, is now โ€œthe worldโ€™s most significant threat to childrenโ€™s healthโ€

Ban. All. The. Cars.

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@kensanata "I find your lack of cake disturbing." ๐Ÿ™‚

The feeling when coworkers bring cake because of their birthday and you realize that you could be their father.

โ€œB-but open software!โ€ Can you prove that the software in some public repo is the same one that they installed on the machine? Did they compile it in front of you? On a completely new, empty machine?

โ€œOpen hardware, then!โ€ No. That's even more stupid.

Forget about it! You can't prove the security of electronic voting. Just use paper ballots and transparent boxes, and let regular people chosen at random direct the process and count the results in front of a representative of each party.


Yup. Paper voting is the gold standard for democracy.

Paper voting is anonymous, it's physically limited to one vote per person, recounts are easy, it's unhackable, you can check for counterfeit votes through forensics, the boxes can be physically sealed and stored forever in case of disputes etc.

It's the ultimate in transparency as literally anyone can watch a paper vote being counted, and we have centuries of experience on avoiding paper fraud. This is a solved problem.

No, YouTube videos don't count as project documentation.

I've sometimes recommended newbies to check out the accounts someone they know follows. But you know what? I don't think I ever did that. Signal to noise is no good. Too many abandoned accounts, and endless chore of hundreds of clicks to make. This doesn't scale well. So hiding your network (Settings โ†’ Preferences โ†’ Hide your network) makes perfect sense.

Mastodon users,

If you want to protect your followers' privacy, you can make your follower lists private:

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Preferences
3. Tick the "Hide your network" box
4. Select "Save Changes"

You will still see your list of followers, but others won't.

(This also hides the list of who you follow.)

#MastoTips #Mastodon #Privacy

If you want to know why pingback is dead, just look at the results returned by a search engine. For example: "What Is A Pingback? Are Pingbacks Good For Your Blog's SEO?" Fuhhh!

If you want to know everything about toxic masculinity all you need to do is listen to the lyrics of Delilah. Uuuugh. And she laughed, which apparently is the worst. Absolutely the worst. Gaaaaaaah!

I have recently developed a pingback client for my blog. And every single time I've tried it, it fails. I don't think anybody else out there believes in pingback anymore!

At the office (Windows 10, Firefox, various plugins) I get a Firefox freeze for a few seconds (10s? maybe more?) every now and then. How would I go about investigating this: deactivate all the plugins? Or is there a profiler I can enable to look at after one of these freezes?

(that is, forefoot running, ie not landing on your heels, but usually wearing thin soles, may e sandals) takes practice. And walking in these shoes, or even walking barefoot at home takes practice if you want to avoid the thump! thump! thump! of landing on your heel. So I have mantras to whisper to myself: quietly! Softly! Slowly! Shorter steps! Swing your arms freely. (Donโ€™t keep your hands in your pockets.)
How did you make the switch?

@lanodan I kinda just want to dump the mastodon front end completely and glue in the brutaldon one. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™d need webpack I could just go back to vanilla asset pipeline in that case.

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