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Getting a haircut in Tokyo never gets old. Today I tried Wolfman, an American 1930's-themed men's barber shop with amazingly preserved original chairs and furniture. Being in Harajuku, you could call it a cosplay barber!

, . We met yet another Swede who was surprised to see tourists from Switzerland in Sweden, let alone LinkΓΆping. But we totally like it, here. The best restaurant according to TripAdvisor is a Portuguese Restaurant. Sadly, they are closed.

So, (the feed reader that runs in a terminal). I think I have usability issues. Do you have recommended setups somewhere online? Different keybindings? How to use filters and searches? I just can't seem to get into the flow. Also: my terminal emulator is Tilix. Given that, any Tilix theme choices you favor?

Zak about some authors: "In a curious quirk of early 21st century post-hobby production, they have alienated themselves from their labor, with almost no help from the larger capitalist system."

I think the entire section about doing things for the love of it are essentially true for many Free Software programmers like myself who aren't paid for their work by a corporation. Sometimes programmers are paid for this and in this case the discussion doesn't apply.

I still want to link to all the good stuff Zak S. wrote on his blog that are only incidentally related to role-playing games. In this case it's about the difference of professional and unprofessional behaviour. Putting money first vs. prioritizing eccentric personal goals. And the blog post is also about people forgetting that the two are different.

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The feeling when you open a link from Mastodon on your phone and the top quarter is an invitation to sign up to a newsletter, the bottom quarter is you opportunity to agree to their cookie policy and the counter for blocked crap is up to 14. Tab closed!

IFComp ( is now accepting author registrations! IFComp is exciting, and stressful, and there are cash prizes for interactive fiction, and you should read the rules before entering. Yes, this is an ambivalent sort of reminder.

The Delete and Redraft feature is weird on the mobile web interface because the view doesn’t change to the post view. You’re still looking at the timeline and the toot is gone. It looks like you just deleted it! Only when you hit the write button does it reveal that the text and images are right there waiting for you to redraft them.

, – the old town is very nice; we also spent yesterday walking along the coast

The amount of shit Gargron is taking, again, is mind boggling bizarre. I really hope the fork succeeds and both camps can be happy again.

if you need a scientific paper and it's paywalled, the first thing you can try to do is email one of the authors.

"As an author, I am thrilled when people want to read my papers. I am allowed to send copies to you upon request and I will happily do so if you just email me to ask."

holly witteman has an entire post about getting access to paywalled papers:

I was recently thinking about dog piling and strangers being pushy in β€œyour” threads and all that due to a comment @freakazoid made. And I ended up writing a few more words:
Short summary: preventing dog piling would result in a system we’ve all been trained to reject. I don’t think it would take off.