@hcs OK. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ I'm guessing you wanted to say: "Ich bin heute um 5 Uhr fรผr Franzรถsisch und Deutsch Lektionen aufgestanden."
1. using past tense
2. using aufstehen instead of aufwachen (getting up vs. waking up)
3. using two lessons in French and German is weird because "auf Deutsch" means that the language used was German but not that it was "about" German

@hcs Are you looking for feedback on your German or are you simply happy to write some German?

TIL about the originators of CRlSPR/Cas9, the breakthrough that transformed gene-editing from a hugely expensive trial and error process, into the reliable, affordable basis of the biotechnology revolution that we are just beginning to see the first fruits of. They are Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier.

If there's anything natural element that looks like it's been made by an advanced alien civilization, it's crystallized bismuth.
Seriously - it's like the fairies that used to live in mushroom circles now live in a post-singularity society.

So I learned about Roya Mahboob since Swiss Television โ€žSternstunde Philosophieโ€œ did an interview with her. She is an Afghan woman who founded an IT company in Afghanistan facing unbelievable adversities. She also founded the Digital Citizens Fund that works on digital literacy for women and children in Afghanistan. She was also involved with the Afghan Girls Robotics team. Very inspiring and positive words she shared!


@jalcine When I looked I wanted encryption and simple SMTP+IMAP in order to use my own mail clients. Sadly, there is no perfect solution for both. Good encryption means using their clients which I dislike. Posteo seemed to offer the best compromise. And I didnโ€™t want a Five Eyes company, so no US, Australian, etc mail provider. Because if thatโ€™s OK I feel I can continue using Gmail (which I still do). Theyโ€™re a good defense against criminals, at least.

"Orkney was once utterly dependent on power that was produced by burning coal and gas on the Scottish mainland and then transmitted through an undersea cable. Today the islands are so festooned with wind turbines, they cannot find enough uses for the emission-free power they create on their own.

Community-owned wind turbines generate power for local villages; islanders drive nonpolluting cars that run on electricity; devices that can turn the energy of the waves and the tides into electricity are being tested in the islandsโ€™ waters and seabed; and โ€“ in the near future โ€“ car and passenger ferries here will be fuelled not by diesel but by hydrogen, created from water that has been electrolysed using power from Orkneyโ€™s wind, wave and tide generators."


@webinista We also have a MacBook Pro from 2013 I think (at least I refer to it in this blog post of mine), and I bought a laptop last year. Switching back was easier than I thought but I also donโ€™t use Vagrant or anything like that. The nice thing was that it came with full disk encryption preinstalled. That was nice!

vim: copying text is called yanking
emacs: pasting text is called yanking
everyone else: nothing is called yanking oh my god

@slackz At least somebody is finding a use for all these same-same-but-different Unicode characters! @solderpunk

@tomasino Somebody on the mailing list convinced me that 7443 was the best port to use so my TLS gopher is at alexschroeder.ch:7443
@solderpunk @slackz @jynx

@slackz Regarding SSL, there are three sorts of mindests:
1. use TSL and then assume all links you follow are also TLS as this info is not available in gopher menu (which is what VF-1 does)
2. servers examine the first few bytes of a request and serve content appropriately, i.e. clients can use TLS if they want to (harder)
3. let them all use Tor (torify) โ€“ problem solved

@solderpunk @jynx

@fitheach I also use fail2ban in order to defend against leeches. I sometimes get users that try to download the entire site, overloading my little server.

@fitheach On my wikis I have a simple question being asked liked "What is the greatest editor?" on Emacs Wiki (emacs, vi, vim, ed, etc.); on my own wiki I say "Please say hello" (hi, hallo, hello, etc.); on campaign wiki it's something like Frodo: so, a slightly on topic question. And I have fail2ban watch the web server log files: too many hits on the wikis from the same IP result in a 10min ban on the firewall level.

I just came upon a wiki page with some outdated information and decided to fix it. First disappointment: I have to create an account. Second disappointment: I need to answer to type two invisible words. Which one is blocking it: Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin, uMatrix? Or something else? I just closed the tab instead.

@wrenpile because I only have 500 characters to talk about something ephemeral and I donโ€™t think Wittgenstein was right.

Turns out all those get-off-my-lawners who said that electric light is bad for you were right.

Disturbed sleep patterns cause obesity, diabetes and anxiety. Limited sun exposition results in cancer, cardiovascular diseases and depression. Forced waking times for children cause ADHD and retarded brain development.

It just took us several generations to actually see the effects and to connect them to the cause. And now we are so dependent on this convenience, that it's impossible to give it up.

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