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Alex Schroeder 🐝

@tomasino Re: line breaks. When I write text on my wiki, I will often insert newlines at the end of sentences precisely because it makes it easier to edit. But perhaps that simply works as rendering them to HTML removes the newlines. In LaTeX files and other text formats, I don’t do it. And when writing Markdown for readers to read directly, I also wouldn’t do it. Unless I were writing poetry, perhaps.

#tokipona tip of the day:

Drop this opentypeface into your fonts folder and abiword will magically make sitelen pona out of your toki pona writing!

@spinach You could run it from the command line and it would send you a (local) email per feed item, or you could have a cron job run it for you at certain hours.

I think I fixed my SSL issues with the VF-1 Gopher client I'm working on: you can't have a socket, wrap it in SSL, and then call shutdown on it. The wrapped socket starts spewing garbage once you do that. Oh well, the shutdown seems unnecessary anyway?

I think picking the Vivid filter on the camera app is cheating but this what it feel they look like. It’s starting to get crowded.

@PresGas Good to know what I need to do when the time comes.
*Cue Imperial March*

@mdfrg Also notice that people can only submit a category feed. My submissions to Planet Emacs are just – not the feed for all my blog posts.

@mdfrg Notice all the blog feeds going into the planet on the left hand side.

@mdfrg I just duckducked for Planet Python and the first hit was so I'm guessing finding more will be easy.

@mdfrg Historically, those were public aggregators for particular communities, like Emacs Planet for all the bloggers blogging about Emacs.

@PresGas Perhaps I shouldn't have imported my OPML file. Manually adding the feeds would have had the effect of weeding out the ones I don't want to read anyway…

@PresGas Hah, good luck! Catching up with my subscriptions is like Inbox Zero, i.e. Mission Impossible.