@sehnsucht What an unfortunate end for this thread! Noooo, not the armadillo!!

Disclosure: I can count the number of ads I've clicked on in the past 24 years on less than 10 fingers - and most of these were by accident. :blocky_white_cursor:​:blobreach:

@InvaderXan hmmm, I think Vonda McIntyre's Starfarer Quartet might fit this bill vondanmcintyre.com/index-Starf

There are some vague military elements, but this doesn't dominate, and is in fact challenged. It has first contact, on ship climates and food growing, grandparents, diverse relationships, and lots of science stuff too.

@pkotrcka I use it because it came preinstalled and the hard disk was already encrypted. I loved that! On my server I just Debian. I liked Slackware many years ago. These days I use Debian but I use it without knowing anything else. No comparison to make, but also no reason to change. So, I guess that’s a recommendation from a person who doesn’t care about distributions too much, haha.

You might have heard the line β€œlead us not into temptation” in the Lord’s Prayer (β€œfΓΌhre uns nicht in Versuchung” in German). It’s a thing I learned as a kid. It’s what I think of when I see billboards and online ads. These are messages created by companies to make us want things that we do not need. If we needed them, we would have thought of it ourselves. It’s when other people start telling us what we might also want that we make ourselves unhappy.

When I hear somebody say that blocking ads is theft the first thing I think is that watching ads is like serving time in prison.
Your life runs through your fingers like sand, wasted on organizations that want to tell you what to buy with the money you earned spending even more time doing things for money instead of doing things for love.

@checkervest Ok, that matches how I treat them: the go outside as soon as the temp no longer drops below 5C (41F). Very cool.

@semordnilap Yeah, I like it very much up here. Then again, there is a lot to see in Europe. What I miss the most in Switzerland is the ocean!

If you need cheering up, check out the #florespondence hashtag. Lots of pretty 🌷 🌹 πŸ₯€

@applecandy Haha, when my father in law visited recently we showed him around and he was nodding and admiring it all and at the he said: "Wow, it must take a lot of time to water them all!" πŸ˜…

@gwmngilfen The part I liked best was comparing two experiments, measuring the same thing, but with a different number of measurements, and so one was able to reject the null hypothesis and the other was not. From what I remember from Uni, the number of measurements was often no talked about. Like, 12 bees did this or that. I don't really care about P in this case because that number just seems very small. I'm assuming that in this case, statistics was used to cloak some underlying problem.

Google's way of downplaying an open calendar file standard, in order to give their own proprietary, non-interoperable calendar SaaS an edge: call it "Apple calendar": cloud.withgoogle.com/next/sf/n

An interesting starting point for anybody who has no background in statistics (like me) who sometimes is confronted with people you feel draw the wrong conclusions but you can’t quite put your finger on it. I need these reminders from time to time. nature.com/articles/d41586-019

@pinkprius Yeah, started buying Beluga lentils last year and haven’t regretted it!

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