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Alex Schroeder 🐝

@ohyran last day in Sweden I saw a young woman in a blue dress with big white letters saying β€œauthentic”. I thought about that for a bit. What people want. What capitalism does to people. About authenticity, performance, irony, and commercialism. In the mood for πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

I wonder whether I can use to quickly go through a folder with 1000 pictures or more in order to pick the ones for an album? Perhaps I need to copy all the images to the SSD first and then regular dired and image mode will do? Perhaps with previous, next and keep key bindings for image mode? And code that kills unchanged old image buffers to save RAM?

@algernon @ckeen So, who's going to create an issue for this? πŸ˜„

@algernon @ckeen What is this FE thing you two keep mentioning?

@maiki That is to say, by default I should simply get them all, no time window required.

@maiki I just got "Saving 5914 statuses, 5743 favourites, 5446 mentions, and 513 followers"

@maiki That is strange. I see nothing surprising in the code... It does a mastodon.notifications() and then a mastodon.fetch_remaining(first_page = notifications) which is how all the other API calls work...

@kensanata @maiki Rate limits... Nooo! I did get to "Get new notifications ..." though, so I expect it to work. Did you see that in your output?

@maiki @kensanata Hm... running mastodon-archive archive --with-mentions right now...

@ckeen I think the link text is shortened but the actual link target is complete?

I've implemented the default rule I use for : each IP number can visit 20 links in a 20s window.