You know that I live in and I'm constantly amazed that English speaking, privacy-conscious companies appear to use "Hosting in Switzerland" for their marketing even though the Swiss secret service is scanning all fibre glass going in and out of the country. In the mean time, the Digitale Gesellschaft @digiges is going to court in order to improve the situation of the surveilled. German: via @netzpolitik_feed

We went running/hiking in the Swiss Jura: from Weissenstein to Frinvillier, which is part of a long hike through the entire Jura. The Jura is a small mountain chain north of the Alps stretching into France. At the beginning the weather was terrible but we knew that we’d be arriving right after the tempest – and so it was.

ProtonMail. Switzerland. Privacy. Choose two?
I always wondered why crypto companies chose Switzerland except for tax evasion. Certainly not for privacy!

UNICEF looks at family-friendliness in the OECD and the EU. Last place in Europe? . Something to keep in mind. «The analysis includes national breastfeeding rates and policies as well as the quality of preschool education, where comparable indicators are available. It excludes other elements of family policy, such as child benefits or birth grants, to limit the scope of the report to issues that concern the work–family balance.»