Switzerland and privacy: our data protection law is in need of a revision. At a minimum I would like it lifted up to the level of the GDPR – but this Swiss NGO is saying that our “national council” is likely to fail at this as the resolution proposed by the commission falls far short. So now we need to rely on the rest of the councilors to fix it for them. Gaaah.
Link in German.

in Zürich
20 Sep 2019 @ 12:00pm
Beginn Bürkliplatz

Holy cow this was super hard to find! There’s Earth Strike and they are organizing for next (!) week. 🙄

I found the above via globalclimatestrike.net/ and all the implicit and explicit pleas to disable my ad blocking.

These are not the links you are looking for in Switzerland:

Already I feel people are trying to catch a free ride.

Turn the camera just a bit and you can see the industrial ugly buildings, the super-dimensional church, the rural village landscape, the medieval tower, all in one.

There are not many marshes in Switzerland – most of them were converted into agricultural land. When they wanted to build some stuff for the army a few decades ago the people organized an initiative which ended up placing all remaining wetlands under protection.


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