And then I’m out buying milk and ink and listening to the Thinking Allowed episode on beauty and the aesthetic labour some of us must perform. As we all learned that beauty is not just about looks but also about inner values, people must now only look good but also feel good: happy, playful, adventurous, optimistic.
And I’m looking at social media, myself included. πŸ€” Hmmm. 🀨
Whenever I feel angry, or down, that isn’t the image I want to project…

Podcasts I’m currently β€œlistening” to. These are the podcasts I listen to, and the ones I am subscribed to with the intent of listening soon. There also podcasts I am still subscribed to but I suspect I will unsubscribe soon enough, and a long list of unsubscribed podcasts. None of my podcast subscriptions are set to download episodes automatically. Been there, done that, ran out of storage on my phone. 🀨

I’m listening to the 99% Invisible episode featuring episodes of The Anthrophocene Reviewed and an interview with its maker. I think I’ll have to subscribe.


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