Please note that this episode about the QWERTY keyboard is also about a bird on Kauai that went extinct and that makes me super sad. 😭😭😭

If research has shown that switching keyboard layouts doesn’t make us faster rupees, does that mean I’m no longer cool as I try to learn the new keyboard layout? Perhaps I should rebrand it as keeping the brain in good shape, learning new stuff. Or maybe I should just give it up and reload a QWERTY layout onto this external keyboard.
I’ve been listening to the Anthropocene Reviewed.

Listening to the episode on the Forthright Radio podcast β€žSusan Neiman Learning from the Germans: Race and the Memory of Evilβ€œ
Going to a German school as a kid (from 3rd to 7th grade) I did get the feeling back in the eighties that Germany took the Nazi past very seriously indeed. As recent events show the struggle is ongoing.


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