And more: lobularia (maritima – in Switzerland, hah!), cuphea, and an unknown plant where we lost the label. Oops!

Decided to take another look at the balcony. It’s autumn. But some stuff is still there, second blooming of lavender, echium, sedum (fantastic autumn colors!)

Late bloom on the shadow balcony. Krötenlilie („toad lilies“), or Tricyrtis.

Thinking about holidays... Good times on Lord Howe island in 2017! I loved those birds, and I loved that color palette on the first day when we went walking towards those black cliffs, blue ocean on one side and green grass and jungle on the other.

Some pictures from that hike. I think I understand why this is a UNESCO world heritage thing. It’s totally artificial but somehow the colors brown, green, and blue work really well together. And it looks as if somebody went over it with a comb, zen stone raking style.

Guimarães is a very old town in Portugal. «The city is often referred to as the "birthplace of the Portuguese nationality" … because it is widely believed that Portugal's first King, Afonso Henriques, was born there, and also due to the fact that the Battle of São Mamede … was fought in the vicinity of the city.»
But you know me… these are not the pictures I usually take.

I never heard of Pinhão but the area looks fabulous. The vineyards of the Douro remind me a bit of the Valais in Switzerland: steep, dry, sunny.

Looking at the laptop in the Portuguese mountains. Tiny Portuguese mountains. I think they are about 1300 to 1500m high. Sunset in about a hour and a half. We walked along an old Roman road for a few hours, today. Saw dams and lakes and ate sandwiches, drank lots of water, and some coffee, and marveled at the madness of pilgrimage destinations. 2.5 million pilgrims per year!! 😲
I had no idea.

The “new” fair was started in 1826, not to be confused with the “old” fair that has been going since the founding of the town in 1125. Just saying. Also a Roman and medieval bridge.

Running along the Lima river to Ponte de Lima. There, a five day festival/fair just started. The first fair of this town got started in 1125. We ate about two cups of lupines and ran back. 😀
We loved the trail along the river. Lots of shade, haha.

The bridge was finished in 1886. Pictures of it’s construction on Wikipedia.
Can I also say one more time that I love the sea? It calls at me. When I hear the roar of the waves and feel the sand between my toes, there is a special kind of peace, of being in the present. Instant grounding. I hardly ever see the sea when it is angry. I like the waves and the beach and the sun and the glare. I don’t like hurricanes.

My wife made some pictures on the way to the beaches.
Check out the pictures online about the interior of São Francisco church.
I love rocky beaches and the waves of the Atlantic. Waves make the ocean my friend.
As always, a cool wind was blowing. Great if you’re running, not so great if you just want to lie in the sun. But that’s boring anyway.

We ran all the way out to the beaches and thought we’d take the tram or bus back – but both were so full they didn’t stop for us, and the street were so packed that we walked all the way back before seeing another bus. Our Swiss intuitions regarding public transport on a beach Sunday have led us astray.
Pictures from the old town near the customs by the river.

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