The stuff about GPG and the public keyservers remind me of the Gnus, GPG and GMail Guide I wrote a while back. At one point I write:

I'm also going to "trust" them all, so Iโ€™m using this setting:

# More like "Web of Mistrust", amirite??
trust-model always


Trying to find a way to work with to organize my images: mostly deciding whether to add them to the album to be published and to add the labels. It sort of works, I guess?

As seen in my mentions, somewhat out of context: ยซAs an ex-colleague of mine once put it: "I gave up on Emacs when I had to complete a command with my nose".ยป
Thanks, @gwmngilfen!

Why is it that I'm starting to write some stuff in , then I need to grep something, I discover wgrep, then ivy-occur-grep-mode, read the Ivy documentation again, and on and on and then I shake my head: WTF was I just trying to do a few minutes agoโ€ฝ

Today I saw somebody describe me as ่ถ…็บงๆทท่ก€็Ž‹ๅญ which Google Translate renders as "super mixed prince". I wonder what that meansโ€ฆ


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