More plant life from the living room and the balcony. These weren’t taken with the phone.

I have a weird /#pureos problem: I've set it to switch to warm colors for the night. I must have done it twice, because – if I remember correctly – I switch on the laptop in the evening and the colors are warm. From 20:00 to 20:01 it switches back to a glaring white, and then it's back to warm colors. How weird! Any ideas what might be the cause of this one minute of brightness? (It's 18:22 local time so soon I will see whether it's still bonkers...)

And in bloom as well! Our friends told us that we might have been watering them to often (once a week). So switched to once a month and soon enough: bloom!

Same subject, but black and white because grey skies make color pictures dull.

Second flower this year! Sadly it’s raining outside and the light is dim – gotta see with your soul’s eye!

Anyway, here's an old picture of my workspace as I try to have fun making music. πŸ˜ƒ

I am still not used to the ability to take pictures straight into the sun. And it still works!

Skiing is great but also weird. The glaciers used to be a dreadful thing. The dead would have to do penance and walk barefoot over the ice. They formed impenetrable barriers. And now machines carry us up into the ice world and we just ski down.

The sun that was promised to us above the clouds has finally shown itself.

First day up here and we decided on a short walk up to Colombire, then black tea, cake, and β€œcroΓ»te au fromage” (bread and melted cheese, usually with Kirsch or some other Schnapps).

On est arrivΓ© en Suisse romande, Γ  1491m. It fait dΓ©jΓ  nuit. Mais demain on espΓ¨re de finalement revoir le soleil. β˜€οΈ

I’m hoping to post many more pictures over the coming weeks. This is but the first flower that is blooming. I’ll try to keep this in one thread so if you want to mute it now, muting this one is your best bet.

Ok, brought up two more pots. One might contain Calla, we’re not quite sure, the other was an overcrowded Hyppeastrum pot with an estimated seven bulbs in it. Used a spoon (ouch!!) to rip two of them out and put them in separate pots. Hyppeastrum doesn’t like disturbances of its roots and doesn’t mind crowded pots so any disturbance means no flowers for a year, most likely. But seven was crossing the line. Enough!

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