Also looking forward to breakfast. traditional Swiss fruit cake. (β€œWΓ€heβ€œ)

I love the morning light on the balcony. Too bad days are already noticeably shorter. Winter is coming. πŸ–•

The Apple Pencil and Zen Brush 2 is a pretty cool combo – until the pencil runs out of power. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Bloomberg preventing me from using reader mode? Oh well... ☠️

Time to start practicing the layout. If it all goes well, I might submit it to the QMK Firmware project. Right now the modifiers for the two extra layers are of the TT type, ie. hold and type a key from another layer, and that’s it, or tap to switch to the layer until you tap it again. And that second options sounds very cool but I find it very annoying. I often do this by mistake. Current status:

Haha, found via @ckeen: a terminal app that simulates you being an awesome hacker by running useless monitors in tmux windows and stuff. Does it work? On my system, the package cannot be found. 😌

List maintenance for will have to wait for a few hours – I’m on a train near , . πŸ˜€

My grandfather, my great-grandfather, and my great-great-grandfather.

This works well! And @jalcine's comment seems to be appropriate! Hehehehe. πŸ‘

What is great about bumblebees and other bees? They are little flying fur balls. What’s not to love!

This hobby of mine is getting out of hand. Writing Mastodon list support for the Bitlbee plugin, all so I can use lists from IRC. Soon I will have to think about image upload, haha.

et , ,
In the old days you could ski up here on the glacier but it has shrunk dramatically because of Chinese conspiracies, I hear.

Bisse du RhΓ΄, ,
Suonen/Bisses: When communities in the Alps where short of water, they sometimes built channels and brought water from a neighboring valley. At the time, they didn't tunnel – they dug little canals. And when there was a cliff to circumnavigate, they just built the most ludicrous looking water channels into the mountain sides. About a third of them are still in use. There are still about 1850km of them.
How these were built originally:

We cannot see the mountains across the valley. I guess the sun finally stopped shining after Luna got stabbed by Mars, yesterday. That’s great for everybody except for egotistical tourists. Although I have heard it said that it would have to rain for a month to make up for all the heat of the previous months.

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