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Alex Schroeder 🐝

Ok, we’re in , , handed back the car, ran back to the hotel and saw the tourist traps (according to the best Swede we know, @ohyran). Tomorrow, public transport, old town, rune-stones, and what not. Probably lots of Toast Skagen or Räksmörgås.

It’s funny but the story I’m interested in isn’t visible. Cookie announcement and social media sharing buttons and all that…

, . We met yet another Swede who was surprised to see tourists from Switzerland in Sweden, let alone Linköping. But we totally like it, here. The best restaurant according to TripAdvisor is a Portuguese Restaurant. Sadly, they are closed.

, – the old town is very nice; we also spent yesterday walking along the coast

Enjoying , , and spending the evening with @ohyran. We also saw a free roaming deer in the park and that reminded me of Nara, Japan. Just one, though. 😀

Seeing the water gates open at and walking around a small lake on . We saw no elk, probably because they aren’t very active middays. The weather in is very hot.

We are still in , . We walked all the way to the end of Hindens rev and when we came back about 4h later we took a bath near . Lake was cold but the weather was hot so it all worked out. The pictures shown the light forests with fern undergrowth on the way back to the parking lot.

Too bad we didn’t drink Met from old horns at Odinsburg.

has the biggest church of . It makes me feel small.

I’ve been running again, from Balsthal to Weissenstein.

This used to be my favorite and it still is really good.

This is for @cj and friends. Just a fountain in the old town of .

Is this milk coffee or galão? Or liquid spice!? 1/2

I love these old political ads from the 1930s. Strong colors, reduced palette, symbols, type, it all comes together.

Gah, it sort of works. I don't want the line numbers., and it's wrapped in a pre tag, and a code tag (!?)... I guess I could fake it by adding extra closing and opening tags, and CSS to hide the line numbers? But I'm not liking this...