Trying to find a way to work with to organize my images: mostly deciding whether to add them to the album to be published and to add the labels. It sort of works, I guess?

As this is basically just text files, and since @solderpunk's gopher client VF-1 allows us to extract URLs in text files in order to create a temporary menu, we can already use VF-1 to navigate site consisting of nothing but interlinked, simple text files. For now, the only URL scheme we can use is the Gopher URLs with a prepended 0 item type (for text files), but who cares? At least for now, this is good enough.

Another church, another cathedral, another fresco, more tourists, temperatures of 33Β°C at 16:30, and it feels much hotter out in the sun. I think I need a shower and some sleep before dinner.

We’re in western Georgia, now. They still drive like crazy. We saw a car accident today. The traffic jam went kn and on. Soon, they were overtaking like crazy again.
Pictures from a very old settlement that used to be underground, dug into the sandstone, but most of the thing collapsed during an earthquake in the 1920s. Also the floodplain below.

More old churches, and bridges in need of repair. I love how the smoke of incense and candles gather up above and the light fall in through the oculus or the windows is made visible. Such magic in that.

Up in the north of Georgia. old churches, mountains, artificial skiing resorts (no village to speak of, but a big hotel every 100 to 200m. Very strange. Sadly I did not take a picture of the meandering rivers in their little flood plains.

As seen in a German thread: does the news reflect what we die from? Comparing actual numbers in the US, Google searches, and reports in two big newspapers, one from the USA and one from the UK. Take a look at the info graphic.

More pictures of Tbilisi – again, looking away from the bustling tourist areas, the water fountains, the green parks, the women singing in old churches, the coffee houses and luxury stores. These are the backyards within a few hundred meters of our hotel.
Sadly, no pictures allowed inside the church while service is ongoing. It breaks my heart to see grown people cry.

The sun is very bright and it’s hard to take decent pictures in Georgia. And it’s very hot, too. Many tourists in Tbilisi.

Beauty and decay in the far north of Armenia, where copper mines ruin the landscape and deindustrialisation has reduced the population by half.

More churches in remote places. And a long drive back along the old trade routes, sometimes collectively called The Silk Route.

Hm, quite some downsampling going on! Let’s try again, no panorama?

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