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Alex Schroeder 🐝 @kensanata

Experimenting with WebAudio based on this wonderful, wonderful blog post:
What I don't understand: I'm running this in a browser, on a GNU Linux laptop, and there's plenty of cracking and knocking as if something is broken. Is this because sound generation is not getting enough CPU cycles? Because Web Audio is a bad idea?

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@kensanata I don't know anything about WebAudio. But I know that normally critical audio processing requires at least soft real-time scheduling in the Linux kernel. That only works for processes owned by root, and you have to control it manually. If you do audio operations in user space, scheduling will be sub-optimal so the audio quality might suffer.

@wim_v12e oh. That sounds plausible. I actually have no idea how audio works on GNU/Linux these days. In the old days it just didn’t work and then it suddenly started working and I never thought about it again. Alsa something something mixer or whatever… then again I saw some dependencies getting installed called Jack or something. Time to explore!

Neither do I. I know how scheduling works though 😃

@kensanata I have no answer to any of those questions, but that link is awesome! 😀