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Alex Schroeder 🐝 @kensanata

HTML 2.0 had so many strange elements I had forgotten. DIR, MENU, NEXTID, XMP, LISTING, KBD, SAMP, VAR. I hadn't forgotten TT. I'm reminded of Texinfo, to be honest. And I can see which elements they needed to imitate Gopher menus, basically.

@kensanata Yes, <LINK> was about to be used to provide up, previous, next navigation structure (the browser could choose to have additional buttons next to "Back" for example).

@saper Yeah, I remember adding those to my static website way back when!

@saper And I think lynx actually supported them. Or do I misremember?

@kensanata It still supports them

#prev next



<link rel="prev" href="prev.html" >
<link rel="next" href="next.html" >