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Alex Schroeder 🐝 @kensanata

The last boost of the toot by @clacke reminded me of a question I used to have: first you make language using a compiler you wrote in a more basic language like C. Then the language turns self-hosting, meaning if you have a binary of the compiler, you can compile new copies of itself. But now it's uprooted, right? A museum of the future could not compile it using a C compiler. It would have to redo the entire history from earlier versions to get to the self-hosting one, to recreate it all. πŸ€” 😟

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@kensanata @clacke
This is in fact something some distros need to do.

(And, GCC, which when you compile it, compiles a barebones bootstrap compiler first with which to compile the real compiler, sometimes needs an intermediate version of GCC in order to build on older systems.)

Machines don't need to be museum fodder to qualify for this. You need to build GCC like 5 or 6 times just to get the newest version running on a 10-year-old distro.

@kensanata @clacke
Source: I ran Red Hat 7 (which was released in 1998) as my primary distro until 2006, and continued to run it on some machines through 2010.

@shellkr @kensanata @clacke
Hmm. Maybe.

I started off with 6.0 in 2000, and that release was a few years old at the time. I switched to 7.0 in 2001, and continued using 7.0 for the next 5 years.

@enkiv2 @kensanata @clacke Had to check it out.. my first taste of Linux on my own machine was RedHat 5.0 and it was 1998. Apparently the 6.0 came 1999.


@shellkr @enkiv2 @clacke I think when I tried it, I had SuSE 4.4 I think. says this was 1997-04 an I guess this matches the first post I made about GNU/Linux on 1997-10-08:!msg/

@kensanata @enkiv2 @clacke Damn... I have no idea where I posted the first time about Linux. Internet was not the same thing back then.. I mainly used a book.

@clacke @enkiv2 @kensanata Yeah, my first taste of Linux was Slackware too.. -96 at a friends house. Have no recollection of watch tower. ;)

@shellkr @clacke @enkiv2 @kensanata Watchtower was for 68k processors. I was using it on an Atari Falcon.

@clacke @kensanata I think if Rust were a still target, it's reasonable that a C compiler would be written. Not really sure how complex Rust is to implement in general though.