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Alex Schroeder 🐝 @kensanata

For those of you not liking bare bones IRC clients but not liking Slack or Discord either: is a web client like a good replacement? It wouldn't even have to say IRC anywhere, I guess.

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@kensanata I tried The Lounge two years ago and think I found it too simplistic/buggy at the time. I should give it a try again!
Currently I use WeeChat + the HTML5 frontend,

@kensanata I use Glowing Bear as an Electron application. it automatically (re)connects to the backend, picking up right where you left off. Deals with intermittent/changing connections as well as something like Discord.

@kensanata it doesn't allow total user and system awareness that the Matrix kids actually like. It needs more exposable metadata, like: This user has only read upto this point, this user is typing, this user is listening to these rooms and channels and servers.

@benis Hm, I wonder. The only actual metadata I ever look up on Skype for Business at work is: is the user there? Is the user in the office? Is the user in a meeting?

@benis Yeah, except I use IRC practically ever day and haven’t used XMPP in years.

@kensanata too bad, is also the most manageable in metadata, allowing nearly anonymous instant messaging, that's actually decentralized.
I've been teaching people here in fediverse how to use, install, and secure.
You know, if the NSA was an adversary, all I need is to ask the admin. But OMEMO is there to mitigate~

@benis When we were in startup mode at the office I installed Openfire for us but it didn’t catch on but Lync/Skype did. Too bad, really.

@kensanata try it's working great @ works & hobbies.
too bad people really don't care about anonymity and privacy, really.