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On people dropping out of Mastodon: You need to keep finding more people to follow in an interest based network since people will be dropping out all the time. Your relatives and friends from school don’t disappear as quickly on Facebook, nor do journalists and news outlets disappear on Twitter, but in the more interesting and interest-based communities, that’s simply how it is. You need to replenish the pool and keep finding and following more people. They’re everywhere.

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@pinkprius I would like to see it boosted a few times but virality is something I dread. It breaks notifications, and it never quite dies down. Much better for other people to rephrase it and do their own footing. That’s what I hope for in any case. 😅

@kensanata this is why I love pinning tags to my homepage. I constantly see new people with shared interests posting with the hashtags I care about.

@radix Every morning I catch up on Mastodon while making and drinking coffee. If I finish early, I know it’s time to find some more people!

@radix @kensanata I guess I should find some new hashtags; all the search tells me is that I already follow basically every user who posts about #emacs

@technomancy @radix There must be a good name for text and programming based games like Bussard that aren’t Text adventures...

@pet84rik On my instance that hashtag gives me zero hits so I guess I am following them all!

@kensanata here on it returns posts about german football and (of course) one of my older posts :-)

@kensanata This is a great post! I genuinely agree with it, but I think it could be reworded in a less condescending sounding way.
I'm not trying to discount the statement, I just think if this sentiment is going to be spread to new users it should try really hard to make them not feel like they're stupid for not understanding this. It's good to inform users that Mastodon is not exactly like other platforms, but if we're going to inform people we need to be really wary of how we do so.

@shadow8t4 If you rewrite it, I will boost it. :)
It wasn't meant to sound condescending, of course, so there must be something in there I just don't see. Perhaps having German as a first language makes me more susceptible to using the imperative?

@kensanata I'm really glad you took that as constructive criticism, and sure! I'd be willing to rewrite it.

I think that sounds right. The post is constructed in a way that makes it sound more like you're lecturing users on what they're doing wrong, rather than suggesting how to get more out of Mastodon.

You should change the focus of what you're trying to say from "You're using mastodon wrong, because it's not like other platforms" to "Here are some tips on how you can have a better experience." ^^

@shadow8t4 I've been collecting all the bits and pieces I want to tell newcomers into a wiki page: -- my guess now is that it's all written in that tone. Yikes.

@kensanata don't worry too much about it. It's enough seeing how much effort you've put into genuinely trying to help people get started. I think that's overall more important in something like a help or wiki page. It's just different for a post that will be circulating primarily aimed at people who are already feeling intimidated by the platform. :P

To those thinking of leaving Mastodon: I ensure you that there are others on mastodon that share your interests. It can be difficult to get started finding your group, but Mastodon has a sense of community that is unmatched by other platforms. We're a collection of people, rather than a collection of icons. We come and go, and each group has an experience all their own. You'll get to know others more deeply than you would on other services, so always be searching for people to interact with.

@shadow8t4 @kensanata I find that even more condescendinging than kensanata's original toot, as your "people instead of icons" implies outside Mastodon one finds only soulless husks. If people are leaving Mastodon because they find it difficult to build communities, figure out why they find it difficult and make creating and sustaining communities easier. Tell people how to do so. And in my experience, Mastodon is not different from other social media sites in regard to feeling welcome.

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@kensanata that sucks, because one of the reasons social networks exist is keeping in touch with people you know in real life. And I can't do that here. But I can do it on. But I am not doing it because I know it's a trap, and the only reason I can do it is because my IRL friends are trapped too.
It's a vicious circle.

@drequivalent I spent years on G+ with hundreds of people who shared a common interest with me and many of us were happy to have found this new community without necessarily bringing along friends and family from Facebook, for example. I think keeping in touch with friends and family on Facebook is perfectly fine. And if that's all one would like, then I guess Facebook it is. Migrating the entire family to a different network is hard.

@kensanata well, that's where we differ I think. I am convinced that centrakized services, while may be beneficial in short term, are ruining the Internet in the long run, and as such must be dismantled.

@drequivalent as I am currently trying to get used to a new keyboard, I can totally relate.

@drequivalent @kensanata "free" includes the possibility to prefer and use Facebook, Apple and the like.

@kensanata @drequivalent "Migrating the entire family to a different network is hard." -- In my xp I'd say it's mission impossible. Even moving away from GMail seems harder than relocating to another country for approx. all the people I know.

@youri The only example I know is my mom who managed to convince the entire family to move from WhatsApp to Threema. But it did feel like a miracle, haha.

@kensanata honestly like if this site doesn't work for them then whatever, i love it personally

@kensanata this site is unlikely to ever fulfill the role of an interactive tabloid, and some people want that

@kittybecca Yeah, I feel the same way. Totally OK without celebreties!

@kensanata I remember and diaspora having similar issues. It is helpful to have some sort of discovery tool for people to follow. Spreading the user base across multiple instances makes finding people to engage with extremely challenging.

@Neff I think I failed at diaspora for other reasons, but I'm sure all these networks run into the network value problem: it's more valuable if you are connected to more people, so switching from a network where you are well connected to a new network is always hard. Unless the old network aggravates for other reasons. 🤔

@kensanata I also find switching services reopens the question around the actual value of social media.

I'm finding lots of pain points with Instagram now - the new algorithm is making it difficult to get valuable content from people I know/am interested in and instead of switching to a new platform I'm questioning the need for a platform at all.

@Neff Absolutely. Now that I've started using Mastodon and basically dropped G+ without missing it, I guess the question is: did it have any value in the first place? I don't know. Perhaps I just need a void in my life to shout into... 😱

@kensanata I think there is a lot of value there. I remember filling that for me a few years ago. It gave me a place to process and be without having to be "on" with people I know and interact with. It was really freeing to have a social space without those expectations.

But it requires a lot of work to develop new relationship, one that I've admittedly been bad about

@kensanata @Neff Yoy only need critical mass, right? Twitter is 1000x larger than Mastodon but we typically only interact with tens to hundreds of people.

@nanashi That's what gives me hope. :) And I guess that with Google+ I discovered that it was possible to start a viable network based on common interests. That's why I was not afraid to dive into Mastodon and start all over again.

@kensanata I never saw it as "starting all over again". Mastodon looked interesting so I thought I'd give it a try. And I found it nice, basically because Twitter was getting me down. So I scaled down my Twitter activity and spend more time here. But I see all these things as quite ephemeral anyway.

@nanashi Yeah. I've decided that everything that I felt worth preserving oughgt to end up on my blog. And with that, I suddenly felt empowered to expire old toots. That underscores the epheremal nature of it all and I like it.

@kensanata @nanashi Ah, I know you wrote an archiver, didn't know it has that feature. Cool!

@nanashi @kensanata For me, aiming for volume is the wrong metric. I'm looking for quality interactions and am ok with less content to sift through.

It is good to talk about why people are not engaging, but assuming everyone has the same use case limits who will stay in the long run

@kensanata I've had some great, inspiring conversations with people I didn't know from online or meatspace. Beats finding out your friends from way back when are trash!

@kensanata Kinda difficult when people you are looking for aren't on Mastodon.

@ISSOtm Yeah, if you can't find anybody using the hashtags you're interested in, then you have to be the change you want to see and just start typing into the void...

@kensanata I wish I could -- I can't produce toots about what I would like to see... my time is too full for a lot of things I would like to do.
Plus, overall, I'm not really a fan of Mastodon in its current state. There are a few things I miss from Twitter. Hopefully that will change, though.

@ISSOtm you’re the first I hear saying they miss something from Twitter (except people from Twitter, I guess). Do you have an example? Then again I was never super into Twitter so perhaps it’s no wonder I don’t know what I’m missing, haha.

@kensanata The first thing I can think about is that empty space on my right. I would appreciate a fluid integration much more.

@ISSOtm I've actually tried some user style CSS to make the columns wider but wasn't happy about it. @technomancy also said somewhere that he actually prefers the mobile single column layout. Anyway, I'm back to default column width and empty space on the right...


Part of it is mastodon not creepily addicting you to it. I mean, other than providing you a near continuous stream of delightfully weird people.

@RussSharek Yeah! Although the retooting of this toot is bringing me close to toot saturation! Halp!

@kensanata Yeah, this is true. A lot of the people I used to interact with frequently seem to either have left or post a lot less often. I gotta find new people to keep my masto interesting/useful.

This is why !Fedgroups are so useful. You subscribe yourself once, and the pool of people who subscribe themselves keeps replenishing. @ink_slinger @kensanata

@bobjonkman I don't think Mastodon supports groups yet, but it'd be nice to have that feature.

@kensanata true! Tho all newbies disappear after a while and as I get hardly any interaction on my posts nowadays I don’t bother posting as much but go on other apps where my usual squad are! 😜

@applecandy Sometimes, social media is harsh. Sorry to hear Mastodon is failing you! 😔

@kensanata lol. I just carry on regardless even if Im talking to myself. I yap too much so need outlets to let rip/rant 😆

@applecandy Hah, that’s the spirit. I often feel like nobody reads my blog and that’s ok, too. It helps to cope, to structure thoughts, and I feel better and connected even if that’s probably not true. Or maybe we all just read some super popular blogs with a hundred comments on every post and forget there a hundred other blogs with no comments on any post. I just think of it as a modern public but unknown diary. 😀

@kensanata I’m more of a random non serious poster! it’s good to have range of diff ppl to yap to about diff things.

@applecandy @kensanata keep tootin' ! Although I rarely respond I like your posts, especially I like the way you describe your workplace drama!