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Alex Schroeder 🐝 @kensanata

Time to repost my ! I post mostly in English but my first language is German. I live in , . I studied (, , , insect physiology) but there was no money to be made so I turned into a software developer. At work it’s all , , , but at home it’s all , , , based on my github. I maintain a engine called . I like .
My account is on, not here!

@kensanata Did you study bees? I love them very much. I adore bees. It seems you probably studied their brains? If so... What can you tell me about the function of mushroom bodies (the hunnybee medial associative corpus in the brain) and how they function?

@Shufei Bees were but a small part. I only remember that the mushroom bodies in houseflies were suspected of being involved in memories, but at the time this was new stuff and I haven't kept up with the literature for decades, now.

I liked Zurich when I was there back in 2015. Just those super high prices of everything

@pet84rik Yeah. If you live and work here, people just complain about rents, but when you're elsewhere suddenly everything is affordable. Heh!

@kensanata @pet84rik sounds like like Singapore. Housing and cars are so expensive that people literally thinks you're joking when you tell them.